Military pact signed between Australia and Japan

(To Francesco Sisto)

On 17/11/2020, an important military agreement was signed between the Australian and Japanese governments. This was announced by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshida Suga after the signing in Tokyo.

It should be noted that for the nation of the Rising Sun it is the first military agreement after the one signed with the United States in 1960. This agreement in defense policy will intensify relations between the respective armed forces with: exercises, military visits and operations joint.

The pact is, in fact, in an anti-Beijing perspective given that both nations have repeatedly expressed concern about China's strategic-military ambitions in the Indo-Pacific area.

Just think of the dispute over the Senkaku Islands, in the East China Sea, administered by Japan but claimed by China.

Beijing certainly did not like it but, at the same time, a few days earlier (November 15), Tokyo and Canberra joined the RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership), "the largest free trade agreement in the world, dominated by China"1.


Photo: US Navy