ISIS fleeing from Palmira. The Syrians enter the citadel

(To Giampiero Venturi)

For several weeks, as reported several times by Difesa Online, the offensive by Syrian troops west of Palmira seemed imminent. At this time, as we write, local sources speak of a complete withdrawal of the jihadist militia of the Islamic State from the ancient city.

Now completely dominated by Syrian forces, the Caliphate militiamen have abandoned the inhabited center, leaving only suicide units, explosive traps and minefields to protect the retreat.

Supported by a continuous aerial hammering carried out by Syrian and Russian fighters and helicopters, the Damascus troops would have first neutralized the machine-gun positions distributed by the terrorists on the heights surrounding the city and then they would have entered the castle, a fundamental strategic site to regain control of the city.

The 5 participates in the offensivea Legion (unit of newly formed volunteers trained directly by Moscow), the 134a and 167a 18 Brigadea Armored Division (competent for theater east of Homs), territorial elements of the National Defense Forces, paramilitaries of the southern tribes and special departments of Hezbollah. The situation is still very fluid. Although the militia are in disarray and in retreat, it is still not certain when Syrian troops will regain total and definitive control of Palmyra. The need to avoid large losses pushes Damascus to relative caution.

(photo: SAA / Amaq

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