Tehran's diplomatic dialogues

(To Francesco Bergamo)

Iran and Qatar are spoken. Will it be the beginning of a stronger partnership to stem the regional problems facing the two states?

In Doha, the foreign minister of Tehran Zarif (photo) and his equal grade of Qatar Al Thani agreed that there should be greater economic and banking ties between the two countries. The investments, then, will have to be joined.

For Qatar, therefore, there would be a need to increase the profitable and good relations with Iran. For Iran, instead, there would be the possibility of coming out of a dangerous diplomatic isolation. Therefore, with this move, Qatar could ease the encirclement of Iran wanted by Saudi Arabia last year. The various regional tensions have shown a clear and clear diplomatic cross-section in the light of the two theaters of crisis, Syria and Yemen, for which the position of Iran has led to diplomatic fibrillation.

(photo: IRNA)