Russian frigate Admiral Grigorovich enters the Mediterranean: no scaremongering, normal shifting

(To David Bartoccini)

What is bouncing as a sudden Russian response to the launch of 'Tomahawk' missiles by the two American destroyers is actually a normal administrative maneuver.

The Russian frigate "Admiral Grigorovich", belonging to the Black Sea fleet, is rejoining with the rest of the Russian naval force already present in the Mediterranean for a customary and planned "shunting" maneuver.

The Admiral Grigorovich had already been invited to the Mediterranean last November, engaged as a missile launching platform Kalibr on military targets adverse to government forces: the frigate was framed in the anti-terrorism initiative launched by the Russian Federation in support of Syrian President Bahar Al Assad.

The naval task force of the Voenno-morskoj flot (ВМФ) which is based in Tartus, currently consists of 10 units, between warships and support ships.

(photo: MoD Russian Federation)