CNN: brain death for Kim Jong-un?

(To Antonio Vecchio)

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un would be life threatening following complications after cardiac surgery, and according to CNN1, he would be brain dead.

The intervention, which took place on April 12 last year, would have been necessary - reports the South Korean newspaper NK - for “excessive smoking, obesity and overwork”And the complications presented only a few days later.

At the moment there are no confirmations from the USA and South Korea towards what is currently the case only CNN breaking news remains.

The Unification and Defense Ministries of Seoul opposed a "no comment" diplomat to any media request, as did the CIA and the US State Department.

From North Korea, needless to say, nothing transpires and to get indications and confirmations the observers refer to Kim's latest official appearances, who in fact last appeared in the state media on 11 April.

The leader of Pyongyang, in fact, this year did not even participate in the most important party of North Korea, on April 15th: the anniversary of the birth of the country's founding father, Kim Il Sung.

Already in 2014 Kim Jung-un had been missing from the public limelight for a certain period, and on returning he showed off a stick for several weeks.

Just yesterday, President Donald Trump had declared that the two countries are cultivating "a great relationship".

Kim's sister, the omnipresent Kim Yo-jong, is said to be the current regent of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.