Attack in Kabul: wounded 14 arrived at the Emergency hospital

(To Emergency)

This morning, at 9 local hours, a strong explosion announced an armed attack in the main military hospital of Kabul 'Sardar Daud Khan', in the central district of Wazir Akbar Khan, causing the death of at least four people and over wounded 66.

14 are the wounded who arrived, about an hour later, at our hospital in Kabul, which offers free surgical assistance to war victims.

"We have received 14 patients. Most of them have blast injuries and gunshot wounds. The explosion, in fact, was followed by a shootout inside the wards, on the second and third floors of the hospital. Among the injured there is also a child of 7 years, injured in the side due to the explosion, currently under observation."Says Sara Cattaneo, a nurse Emergency in Kabul.

"The security conditions in Kabul are increasingly unstable”Adds Sara. "Emergency is present in the country from the 1999 and, since July 2010, to face the ever worse consequences of the war, the admission criteria in our hospital are limited to war surgery only. Every day we receive injuries from Kabul and neighboring provinces. There are frequent attacks like today, which also take place in hospitals, trampling all fundamental rights".

(photo: Emergency)

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