20 billion in aid to Kiev: the Ukrainians will also have Patriots and long-range artillery

(To David Rossi)

President Joe Biden has signed the Senate-approved provision that authorizes and facilitates the provision of a total of $ 20 billion in military aid to Ukraine. These will include advanced weapon systems such as Patriot anti-aircraft missiles and long-range artillery.

In the plan total support for Ukraine - we recall: already executive - includes another 8 billion dollars in general economic support to Ukraine, almost 5 billion dollars in global food aid to address the potential food shortage triggered by the collapse of the economy Ukrainian agricultural sector and over $ 1 billion in combined support for Ukrainian refugees.

At the same time, senior US and allied officials at NATO headquarters in Brussels began to work out a plan for how military forces will be deployed in Eastern Europe. These decisions are expected to be finalized at the end of June at a NATO summit in Madrid.

As recalled by Air Force General Tod Wolters, NATO's Supreme Allied Commander, there are currently 40.000 NATO ground troops based in Eastern Europe, supported by over 120 jets on maximum alert and 20 warships.

The senior officer stated: "Ukraine is resisting this invasion with courage and determination: we intend to support them!"

But that's not enough. The reaction to the aggressiveness shown by Russia towards the Finno-Scandinavian area also involves security guarantees - the contents of which have not been specified - to Sweden and Finland by the United States and the United Kingdom "against any threat to our shared security and to discourage and address aggression or the threat of aggression". Words from Joe Biden, which National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan echoed: "We will not tolerate any aggression against Finland or Sweden" during the NATO accession process. And he added: "They have already proven themselves highly capable security partners" which, as such, "They give much more than they get when it comes to a security partnership or an alliance".

Photo: US Army

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