Operation Peru: landing of 3200 Marines and fight against terrorism

(To Maria Grazia Labellarte)

Peru - Following the increase in clashes between national security forces and the Peruvian terrorist group "Sendero bright", the US government has declared that it will send soldiers to 3200 to the Latin American country to improve operations in collaboration with the Peruvian navy designed to defeat the aforementioned rebels and drug traffickers.

The operation has received the approval of the United States Congress, the 3200 American marines will be in Peru, for short or long periods during the coming year. Their purpose, according to an official Peruvian military source, is educational. In fact, the first contingent of 58 American soldiers arrived last February 1 and will remain for one year of work in five districts. Two weeks later, 67 marines arrived for a six-week stay. On September 1 of ca, 3200 soldiers would disembark in the area, from the amphibious assault ship "America". The ship has already visited the Latin American country in September 2014, the year in which Peru has rediscovered its ancient status as the world's leading coca producer. However, it is clear the signal that the presence of American troops in the territory is in force to strengthen their role as anti-insurgency and against the war on terrorism.

Local analysts have seen, in this arrival of American troops as "a real army of occupation". For many years American soldiers have been able to settle across the region to offer medical, dental, technical and / or engineering assistance. In the 2012, military teams throughout the South American area have provided medical services for more than six weeks. Soldiers have witnessed Paraguay, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Belize, Haiti, Chile.

According to a November report, 2013, for example, the government of Paraguay would have followed along with the American defense, a project that was in response to the growing presence of the Leninist Marxist guerrillas known as the "Army of Paraguay". A local newspaper revealed that, "the initiative to set up a military base was proposed by the United States." Paraguayan soldiers allegedly would work in tandem with their US counterparts nearby.

It is worth mentioning a recent report by a local analyst, according to which the interest of the United States in the North of Paraguay derives from the strategic importance of the underlying Guaranì aquifer, the largest in the world, (more The water war and the SAG in South America) with its abundant natural resources, optimal point from which spying on neighboring Brazil and Argentina, and whose resistance in the area is increasingly strong for the monopoly of soy production.

Ultimately, the American presence in the area becomes more and more wide, arouses much curiosity, for example, the fate of the next lessons in Venezuela at the end of the year, where already in February this year, the "Humanitarian" support of American power he made his voice heard, but he contradicted himself economically, imposing sanctions on the same country. An increasingly "American" presence was written, certainly, with ever deeper roots, the military roots of its democracy.

(photo: US Navy)