"Nigeria, now we change!"

(To Giovanni Di Gregorio)

These were the words of the candidate of the opposition party APC for the presidency, General (rtd) Buhari (photo on the left), who adopting the reed broom as a symbol, as if to sweep away the rotten and the old from the Federal Government: Nigeria, now we change!

The presidential election campaign in Nigeria was a game of massacre where the two main parties, the PDP (Peoples Democratic Party), supported the outgoing Christian candidate, Dr. Ebele Johnatan Goodluck (photo below) and the APC (All Progressive Congress) that supported the candidate, Muslim, Gen. Mohammad Buhari, fighting with all the weapons in the field.

Every media has been used to tarnish and "dishonor" the opponent. All the social networks, with Facebook in mind, were full of news, true and false on the candidates, we saw filming slanderous videos, but in particular the party press made the game more dirty. Every morning it was possible to burst out laughing with the biggest part of the times of Emilio Fede at the TG4.

And here came news, as taken from a magician's hat, of an alleged attack in that city or the kidnapping of 500 Nigerians by Boko Haram in that other. Everything planned: the PDP had a fake article published that Islamic terrorists had attacked and killed 2000 Nigerians, because Buhari, a Muslim, would have introduced the Sharia to his victory, and therefore actively supported Boko Haram and financed him.

On the other side, the APC had it published that members of the MEND (Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta), in the south, kidnapped 100 expatriates, made piracy attacks in the Gulf of Guinea and Jonathan, a native of South- South earned us in the negotiations for the payment for the release of hostages.

But the smartest move in this election campaign - even if it didn't help in the end - came from Johnatan, when he decided to move the election date. Act due to fight Boko Haram by sending troops to the stronghold of Islamic terrorists located in the North East. Many have understood that it was only an electoral maneuver: the former President has really fought Boko Haram only in the last 20 days, despite having had 4 years of time.

But Nigeria decided and wanted to change. It did so because it finally had free elections where it was able to freely express itself. Sweeping away the rottenness, corruption and all the malfeasance that revolved around the PDP.

Analytically, the change was difficult with a slight gap of about 1.200.000 votes between the two candidates out of a voting population of 80 million. Geographically, however, the new President won in 4/5 of the country. This is because demographically Nigeria is more developed in the south, an area rich in oil, gas, precious metals and with a port industry that bills billions of dollars a year.

Gen. Buhari, former President during the military dictatorship, promises to sanitize the Government, develop the country and annihilate terrorism. Simple words to pronounce. We will remain to verify the effectiveness of its executive.

The new government can count on the political support of many governors elected in the PDP, who a year ago moved to the APC leaving Jonathan in numerical difficulty. Among these the Governor of Kano, Engr. Mohammed Kwonkaso, belonging to the Bayero Royal Family, and grandson of the current successor to the throne Emir of Kano, His Majesty Mohammed Sanusi, former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. Sanusi himself, who sued Jonathan (*) for a shortfall of 49 billion dollars in the sale of Nigerian oil. Which led him to resign as Governor of the CBN, but which later, being a member of the Bayero Royal Family, saw him succeed to the throne of the Emirate, all strongly opposed by Jonathan, so much so that he sent the Army during the Settlement Function to the throne, blocking all the private planes of the Governors who attended the event on the ground.

A month after the succession, during the Friday prayers in the main mosque of Kano, located at the university, the Emir suffered a bomb attack and remained miraculously unharmed. However, 120 dead and 270 wounded remained on the ground. The attack never claimed by Boko Haram and naturally denied by Jonathan himself, it turned out to have been organized by state apparatuses. The event led the Emir to the decision to rely for his safety on a private security company, SecPro Africa LTD, formed only by white expatriates.

The newly elected President Gen. Buhari had the political and economic support of the most important and emblematic executive figures of the country.

The change has happened. Will the Nigerians really be ready for this?

The fact remains that in the streets one sees acts of violence between the members of the two political parties that oppose each other, as in an ugly epilogue of the worst hooligans' stories.

Nigeria has changed, this is the message. Now he must also prove it.

(*) In Nigeria, as a Constitution, each President becomes a member of 30% of the major oil companies 5 and the Central Bank of Nigeria, economically controls the transactions