The irrational inflexibility of those who have never counted anything

(To Andrea Pastore)

That Greece is a wholly marginal issue in the international political scene is well established, confirming what has been said about the fact that the entire amount of Athens public debt is equal to what Italy alone produces in terms of domestic product in a year and a half , billion more, billion less.

On the other hand, if we want to look for a relevant issue, with serious and dramatic implications and for some contingent aspects of Hellenic troubles, it would be enough to observe the behavior of the countries belonging to the former Iron Curtain and today new European Union levers.

These zero-point contributors began to plant grains from the moment they set foot in the EU, first with unfair domestic labor competition, characterized by very low wages and exhausting hours of work, this practice led in the late nineties and the first two thousand years to the relocation of dozens of companies in these new El Dorado of work at low cost and without rights and then with the expenses, paid by the whole Union to support third-world economies heirs of a communist system rejected at the examination of history.

Consolidated their position in the "European blockade" these demographic-territorial dwarfs, have started a redde rationem against the old Russian master and, under the excuse of the 1500 Moscow tanks at the gates, are poking the entire Atlantic defense system for eradicate an unidentified threat to its territorial integrity.

Those who think badly and well-informed say that it is Uncle Sam who cleverly manipulate these countries, needing a new warm front capable of justifying a defense currently capable of protecting only the portfolios of arms producer lobbies.

The last element of analysis, the one closest to the Greek question, was the emergence of government forces, among the countries of the former Soviet bloc, of nationalist and chauvinist parties, perhaps unaware of the telephone prefix contribution provided to global institutions, or perhaps well fed from abroad, they pretend that the Athens affair is discussed taking into account their opinion, with the arrogance typical of those who know that they count for little or nothing, but are made strong by the misfortunes of others or important friendships.

At the moment the only ones who pretend to understand the reasons of these quarrelsome partners seem to be the Americans, but only for the above considerations, as for the EU being non-existent from the political point of view does not include because perhaps it can not because it has no structure and a political vision, it remains to be questioned whether it is dignified, even more than opportune, for these countries to assume such attitudes in the consideration of how inconsistent their contribution to well-being and stability in the international forum is.

It is certain that a few hundred thousand people, led by extremist political movements are trying to condition the international relations of the European continent, all have the sacrosanct right to argue, but none to impose if they are aware that they can not load their shoulders on their shoulders. consequences of the choices made.

(in the photo - source US DoD - US Undersecretary of Defense Christine E. Wormuth and Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos)