Italy in Libya definitely risks its international credibility

(To Andrea Pastore)

For days he has been hearing from many quarters: "we are ready for a military intervention in Libya." Aside from good intentions, the bellicose hopes of some fools and the nonsense a kilo of some other policy, three things certainly risk making Italy and its armed forces an unfortunate figure in Libya.

In the first place it is clear the existence of a profound disconnect between the national ruling class and military institutions, the Army Chief of Staff even goes so far as to hope that if he were to be assigned tasks, these must be accompanied by the relative resources, a elegant way to make it clear that lately it doesn't work like that. 

Then there is the institutional friction generated as a result of the now old querelle called Maró, a problem not only of human nature, but of international legal importance. 

Italy has seen its military personnel detained and awaiting trial in another state for the past three years, a very tempting precedent for anyone who wants to fight and win on the moral and cognitive ground (Islamic State). The last symptom of incommunicability between realities that should constitute national power (DIME nda) is the continuous coming and going of programs aimed at the realization of peace enforcement, then peace keeping, or rather peace building, in short, instead of the all-inclusive approach, we are experimenting with casual dialectical approach, that is, everyone says what he thinks and then realizes very little.

On the Libyan question we want to apply a soft power at all costs without, however, having an interlocutor, hence probably the will to make it arise out of nothing through a Libyan consociative government that should put together too many instances, sometimes deeply opposed to each other. 

The hope is that you find the courage to call things with your name and that the institutions remember to belong to the same "team".

If there were to be the need to fight it, we call it war, if we need to reconstruct it, let's call it peace building, but let's avoid putting the word peace before every action only to hide the needs connected to the national interest with hypocrisy. 

Italy returns to being a nation and its ruling class learns to be a guide and guarantor of common welfare without absurd enslavements to other states as too often happens.