The Libyan crisis: what the media haven't told you in the past two days

(To David Rossi)

A few hours ago the council of dignitaries and wise men of the Turcophone enclave of Misurata rejected the visit of European foreign ministers to Tripoli scheduled for January 7 and deemed - listen! Hear! - a way to grant advantages to General Haftar's forces. In short, quite the opposite of what one would expect: from what world and world the "walks" of international mediators have served to favor the besieged, giving them a breather. Instead, this time it's the opposite: the Misuratini, who mind you are not besieged by the troops of the Libyan National Army (LNA), imply that a de facto two-three day truce to allow the show of European diplomacy would allow Haftar to move its forces better. And maybe it would hinder Ankara's operations. I mean, what's going on?

Sunday opened with the news of the bombing of the "school for militiamen" of the GNA operated by the artillery of the LNA with the cry of "Death to the Turks". The day continued with the number of deaths that fell gradually from 70 to 12, as many as the red half moon counted and culminated with the denial of the LNA: it was not us but internal causes of the complex. In the same hours, without official statements, a Tupolev Tu-154 of the Russian air force flew from Latakia to Syria, where Moscow has its main base in the Levant, in Benghazi in Cyrenaica, certainly not full of tourists. The silent bombings of the Tripolina faction (GNA) against positions of the LNA at Arada and the news that the Emirati would have deployed anti-missile systems also passed in silence. Hawk at the al-Khadim base, just behind Benghazi.

It is good to take note of the heavy amphibious exercises of the Egyptian Navy engaged with a class helicopter carrier Mistral, various corvettes and frigates - respectively classy Gowind e Perry - and a diesel-electric submarine unit type 209, as well as F-16 and helicopters Apache e Chinook. At the same time, Cairo has not neglected diplomacy: while the Prime Minister met the ambassadors of the USA and European countries in the past few hours, Parliament has asked for the adoption of economic sanctions by the Arab countries against Turkey.

The writer has the impression that Cyrenaica is preparing for the next, not imminent, Turkish-Tripolina counter-offensive and that Cairo, although not seeking the clash, has been in many ways and for several weeks, sending messages to Ankara that if threatened in his strategic interests he will not back down.

Last but not least, the news arrives that Foreign Minister Di Maio is going to go to Cairo for a series of official meetings. If the story of Regeni does not open the communication of the Farnesina, perhaps it will mean that the boy we put in the office that was by Gaetano Martino, Amintore Fanfani, Aldo Moro, Gianni De Michelis and Giulio Andreotti, is beginning to understand something of international politics. If not, we are really in trouble.

Images: Twitter