Cooperation between the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and China

(To Maria Grazia Labellarte)

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and China have signed a new military cooperation agreement, in the framework of the negotiations conducted by the delegation led by President Nicolas Maduro, in China. The Venezuelan President said he had strengthened the cooperation partnership, both with the armed forces and with the Chinese military industry.

Venezuela and China have already signed several agreements focused on the development of the Venezuelan military industry.

The strategic cooperation framework agreement was signed in July 2013, between the Venezolana Cavim Company and that of North China "Industries Corporation Norinco", these projects included the production of uniforms and military clothing and furthermore, assembly and production activities in the future of tactical vehicles, of Chinese origin.

In the 2005 the same company CAVIM bought from the company China Electronic Technology Corporation (CETC), at a cost of 150 million dollars, JYL-1 radar usable for air defense, with the first delivery in January 2008, subsequently supplied to the Venezuelan Air Force. Parallel to these programs, it is necessary to remember those signed by 2005 concerning the cooperation between the two defenses in the field of education and training. This activity is now more and more strengthened, because in addition to the opportunity to strengthen relations between the two countries, the collection of information from both the Venezuelan and Chinese "Intelligence" is needed to develop the military capabilities needed to work in both areas.

Furthermore, Venezuela has broadly favored military relations between China and other South American countries, including Ecuador and Bolivia.

Following the example of Venezuela, Ecuador in September 2009 negotiated an agreement with the PRC for two radars, produced by China Electronic Technology Corporation (CETC), intended for use on the northern border with Colombia.

Finally, in the first weeks of this month, the government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and China signed an agreement to make the military industry of the Latin American country even more self-sufficient. The Venezuelan Defense Minister, G / J Vladimir Padrino López explained that the relations between the Fuerza Armada Nacional Bolivariana (FANB) and the Chinese military industry, which began way back in 2005, have strengthened to increase both the development of the military zone economic is that, general, of the whole country.

In fact, various Chinese commissions have been visiting Venezuela in recent weeks to study its industrial and military potential. Lopez has in fact recalled that thanks to this alliance FANB is now much more active in the defense of the country. In addition, the Chinese funding signed between Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and China's Xi Jinping, in Beijing, in recent weeks, is worth billions of dollars, aimed at further strengthening future cooperation between the two countries.

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