Italy against ISIS: the first big clash of will by the second GM

(To Andrea Pastore)

So thundered, that the sun came out, with this illogical fusion of popular sayings and weather forecasts we could try to interpret the declarations made by the holders of the departments of Foreign Affairs and Defense on the Libyan question.

The positions taken in these last hours are closely linked to the North African chaos and can be summarized in a joint vision for foreign and defense aimed at defining unequivocally the Italian commitment on the southern shore of the Mediterranean.

Finally a clear position made of determination and military force to affect the physical domination of a reality, the Libyan one, increasingly under hostage of Al Baghdadi's Islamic caliphate.

For the umpteenth time, it will be necessary to read between the lines of politics so as to understand that all this determination has large conceptual and structural limits, but it is better to go by order.

Minister Gentiloni's declaration of intent connected to a concrete and massive commitment of Italy in Libya clashes with the evacuation of all Italian citizens from Tripoli, they call it lightening, in reality it was a flight, moreover it is of the latter hours the reverse seizure carried out by armed pirates, attributable to ISIS, who, after allowing the transshipment of migrants by the Italian Coast Guard, had the hull used for the human beings return, under the threat of weapons.

If they were not tragic things, it would be almost funny, as far as the Defense is concerned, the numbers do not play in favor of the situation, the number of 5000 soldiers to be deployed, the command of the mission like Lebanon and other considerations of this kind.

Currently Italy has around the world about 4000 military, which means to have 12000 men always ready and spendable, in the same way on the national territory the operation Safe Roads (of strategic importance in anticipation of Expo nda) absorbs other 4000 men about a total effort of as many 12000 men, think of 5000 people in Libya would like to add to these numbers 15000 units, 40.000 military to prepare, equip, use and recondition for years, perhaps decades, real absurdities in review periods of spending, closing departments and various conjunctures, barely pay salaries and we would like to finance the war with a capital G? 

Or you should go to the umpteenth "wedding with dried figs", to use an euphemism abused, but this time the implications could be much more dramatic than in the past and many heads would risk to be out of the neck of many.

To make the "Americans" it should be clear that the role of the Armed Forces is to fight and win by having a military force capable of deterring (US Army FM 3-0 nda).

We can not forget the juridical question, of which the black men of the Islamic State are perfectly conscious, Italy is structurally weak from the point of view of international law, after three years it has not succeeded in resolving the issue of naval riflemen. creating a very serious precedent in a condition in which the war dimension becomes pre-eminent with respect to politics, then there is the node article 11 of the Constitution and a parliamentary passage at least obliged, in short you risk blocking before or during the operation putting the military in the field in the legal wagons of a State probably not fully aware of a risk so close in terms of space and time.

Last, but not least, the need to clear the concept of combatant at the expense of the melancholy of the "peace soldier", yes, because this time you can not go too thin, the army of ISIS will defend with nails wells of oil, refineries, roads and how much more it allows the Islamic state to guarantee its existence, in short they will resist to exist.

To win what solutions?

Consistency, determination and clear intent, not tweets or statements aimed at calming the market of popular moods and conformists disconnected from reality.

(photo: Council Presidency / web archive)