Vittorio Conte: Live happily in Madagascar with 500 euro per month or create a business with little money

Who is Vittorio Conte?
The author defines himself as "a former public manager ..."has always been involved in the social sphere.
Vittorio Conte is Italian, but for a series of cases of life he found himself working and living in Madagascar and now he has become a supporter.
But why should an Italian move to Madagascar?
In his book these reasons are explained masterfully!
The most obvious is related to the cost of living, but it is not the only one.

In Italy with 1000 euro a month you live at the limit of poverty, especially if you have to work in a big city, in Madagascar instead 1000 euro per month is a figure that allows you to live comfortably and enjoy, if you need, the privileges of those who can afford a servitude.
Naturally, Vittorio Conte enriches the book with examples and, in hand, shows how an Italian pensioner could move to Madagascar and make use of his pension.

The book is divided into eight chapters:
- Madagascar: geography and economy;
- South area around Tulear;
- Wealth and poverty;
- Health, school and public services;  
- Social life and useful addresses; 
- Possible lucrative activities;
- Why become a resident;   
- Before finally deciding,

through which the author proceeds in the analysis of the various aspects of Madagascar.

Starting from the geographical description we arrive through a clear and enlightening path to the reasons that should push us to become Malagasy citizens, with food for thought on the economic, social welfare, health, school and even with a series of practical examples, such as opening and management of a pizzeria in a tourist city.
In this way, page after page, chapter after chapter, we are guided inside this new world, so particular and so distant in some respects from what we know, to make us feel our own.

Surely the author has succeeded in his intent that is to intrigue and, for those who want to deepen or know him in person, the next 3 March at 16.30 at the association "meeting" in the four 21 / c fountains, to Rome.

Alessandro Rugolo