Marco Rottigni, Andrea Danesi Visconti: L'Exploit dei Mastri Birrai (A CyberThriller by RoarinPenguin & TheF001)

Marco Rottigni, Andrea Danesi Visconti
Published by the authors

The decadent world of the near future, a famous brewery, a series of strange murders, a talented hacker ... What do these elements have in common? Apparently nothing.

Appearance... "appar√®nza sf [from the late lat. apparentia, der. to appear 'to appear']. - 1. What appears, which shows itself to the eye; therefore appearance, and even demeanor, external behavior [..] to the substance, to what it really is: the a. deceives; letting oneself be guided by the a.; all the a. (that is, all the external clues) are against him; keep a lot of the a., to the external and conventional manifestations. .. "

Yet, beyond appearances, the bond exists and is called Leda - alias Hop (e)!

Kyber, the city where Leda grew up, was only a shadow of what she must have once been. The "Copper Mug", Scorch's place, had quickly become Leda's "school" and his workplace. School, because he had learned what could be done with the knowledge of the digital world, work, as a handyman waitress. Her mentor was called Lady Rigger, L @ r @ to friends.

The story revolves around a few characters and a cyber attack: v-ransomware, against Kyros, one of the oldest breweries in the world, known for its Cervogy and the legendary Ninkasi Ale ...

I could go on telling you the novel but I prefer to let you have the pleasure of reading it. 

One caveat: the novel can be read in at least two different ways, and perhaps the best way is not the most apparent. 

At the bottom of the page you will find notes and links useful for the reader to undertake a parallel path, what leads to deepen the real aspects of the attacks and technologies used in the novel.

In this way, if you want, it will be possible to discover a world that for the most part already exists and whose limit lies only in the imaginative capacity of man. So try to follow the directions and don't be surprised if the real world is more complex than you could ever have imagined.

Thanks to the authors, Marco Rottigni (RoarinPenguin) and Andrea Danesi Visconti (TheF001), for taking us by the hand in this world where reality and fantasy intertwine relentlessly ... hoping that "The Exploit of the Brewing Masters" is just the first of a long series of cyber-themed novels.

Alessandro Rugolo

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