The Royal Navy in World of Warships: a look at Italian naval power

(ADVERTISING) World of Warships is known for its wide and detailed array of vessels, offering players the chance to command legendary warships from a variety of nations. Among the most interesting and complex of which it is possible to take command, there are those of the Royal Navy. In this article we will explore the Italian ships present in the game, we will talk about our recent collaboration with Marco Materazzi and we will provide some advice to those who wish to set sail on our virtual seas for the first time. Get ready for some tips dedicated to those who want to launch themselves into a world of epic naval battles!

Italian ships in World of Warships

Italian naval history is rich and varied. World of Warships reflects these aspects with a collection of iconic ships. Players can put themselves at the helm of 40 different Italian war units, including the Francesco Caracciolo, Duke of Abruzzoi and the Roma. They were known for their peculiar characteristics, such as smoke devices, which allowed them to quickly disappear from enemy sight. Italian cruisers often excel in speed and maneuverability, while Italian battleships are renowned for their unique SAP (semi armour-piercing) shells, which offer a different gameplay experience than traditional AP shells.

Collaboration with Marco Materazzi!

Recently World of Warships announced the start of a fantastic collaboration with the legendary Italian footballer Marco Materazzi. The collaboration brings a unique injection of energy to the game, with Materazzi lending his charisma and expertise to in-game events and special promotions. Players can expect exclusive content, challenges and rewards inspired by this sporting icon. This collaboration further solidifies the connection between Italian culture and World of Warships, offering players a new cultural perspective on naval warfare.

How to get started in World of Warships

If you're new to World of Warships, you're in for an exciting experience! To get started, create an account and download the game client. Since you are new, you will begin to learn the basics of naval combat with low tier ships. You will learn how to aim, use torpedoes and maneuver a ship. Remember to take advantage of the training missions and tutorials in the game to hone your skills! Joining a Clan or playing with friends can further enhance your experience and provide you with the opportunity for teamwork and coordination in the game.

As you progress, you'll unlock new ships and upgrades, so you can customize your fleet and develop your own unique playstyle. With recent additions to the Italian Navy and our special collaborations, there has never been a better time to embark on your World of Warships journey. Experience the thrill of facing epic naval battles at the command of powerful ships! Kickstart your naval career with a welcome package which you can find here: