Jean-Marc Royer: The monde comme projet Manhattan

Jean-Marc Royer
Ed. The clandestin passeger, 2017
pp. 354

What do we know about the Manhattan project and the nuclear tests that since the 40 years of the last century have today released radioactive pollutants into the environment?
The tsunami that hit Japan 11 2011 March was the cause of the problems of the central Fukushima?
Was the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki really necessary to win the war with Japan?

Jean-Marc ROYER's book: "Le monde comme projet Manhattan", tries to explain these and other "uncomfortable" questions.
But who is Jean-Marc Royer?
Engineer of the National Civil Aviation School, historian, psychoanalysis and sociology, his multidisciplinary approach allows to see the topics treated from different points of view and to highlight some aspects often neglected (more or less voluntarily) as inconvenient .
One of the maxims that accompany the story concerns its validity: "the story is written by the winner", you often hear it in a low voice, as if you were ashamed to openly say what you feel is an inconvenient truth. 
What would the people think if they knew ... that history is systematically written by those who win in order to consolidate their positions? Of course this is only a provocation ... But perhaps, in the case of the Manhattan Project, certainly for the author of the book, the story was written and rewritten to accommodate a project of global domination.

The Manhattan project did not concern only a short period that led the Allies to the victory of the 2 World War but extended far beyond, and perhaps, its effects are still present today.
The merciless analysis of the facts based on historical evidence, the interweaving of powerful powers such as the war industry, the American political power and the nuclear scientists' category of yesterday and today, allows us to start lifting the veil of lead which had been consciously lowered on world history.

One last question: where does the correct use of weapons at war end and where does genocide begin? 
The monde comme projet Manhattan, a book to read that makes us reflect on our civilization.

Alessandro Rugolo