Jacopo Gualario: Rule the Chaos

Jacopo Gualario
Ed. Youcanprint, 2022
pp. 118

From the covid-19 pandemic crisis to the most recent armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the world seems to have plunged into an uncontrolled spiral of nefarious events that everyone, at first approximate reflection, defines Chaos.

Are the perceptions suggested by common sense true? Or is chaos something deeper and more complex, tied hand in glove with the ontological and physical dimension of the human being?
Can chaos be governed, or must we resign ourselves to an endless spiral of uncontrolled events?

The author, Iacopo Gualario, responds with his short essay to these and other questions with a philosophical and reflective air, offering a coherent series of reflections on chaos and the attempt to govern it, underlying them an analysis of man as " being in the world ”which speculates on nature, time and strategies to face, tell and ultimately love what Hesiod called“ the first to appear ”.

A book of philosophy, but also a manual to open the mind, placing, in its structure, a profound break or even a dialectical contrast with contemporary reality in which the succession of information is more like uncontrolled flows of consciousness than necessary rational cognitive processes intelligence understood as the ability to understand reality.

This essay, in order to be read and understood, needs time for reflection, once able to lead, or rather lead the reader back on the steep path of analysis, within a courageous path, towards the progress of the origin.

Andrea Pastore

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