Giuseppe Calabrese: A tear of marble

Giuseppe Calabrese
Ed. Iuppiter
pp. 288

Giuseppe Calabrese is a retired admiral of the maritime military commissariat corps. But Commissioner Barcolesi is a policeman, not a soldier. And he is also good at his job, able to extricate himself between apparent suicides and real murdered deaths but, above all, able to anticipate the moves of his mother, overflowing from Arezzo, and of the group of friends he manages to form, thanks to his kind exuberance, in a notoriously difficult environment for personal relationships, such as the Ligurian one.

Torn from his Campania to go to direct the quiet police station of Bolenzena (a fantasy location that can be imagined in the Ligurian Levantine extremity), set up by the warm recommendation of the influential honorable of the place (the novel is all fictional: these things don't happen in reality!) Luigi Barcolesi caracolla in the lukewarm monotony of the modest events of the country, far from that of the Campania metropolis. But, in late spring, the spark of an investigation is triggered, of which - obviously - nothing is anticipated, from which some considerations will arise: how much of the inner child remains inside? How much are we able to repress it and how many times are we overwhelmed by it? How many times does an intuition seem suggested to us by a shadow close to us? Can we resist the desire for justice when earthly justice does not give us satisfaction?

"A marble tear" by Giuseppe Calabrese, friend of this magazine (v. his tasty published stories) is a book that will leave the reader with the certainty of having enriched himself with a pleasant, well-rhythmic, sometimes mysterious reading and with the expectation of a new episode from Commissioner Barcolesi.

Giuseppe Sfacteria