Giulio Meotti: The end of Europe New abandoned mosques and churches

Giulio Meotti
Ed.Cantagalli, Siena 2016

"What is happening is the third attempt by Muslims to realize the divine mission of bringing the truth of God to all of humanity. This time it will not be through invasion and conquest, but immigration and demography"With this phrase by Bernard Lewis, Giulio Meotti, writer and journalist of il Foglio, introduces us to the central theme of this essay:"We are no longer reproducing and count on immigration to compensate for the shortage of labor force. This immigration is for the most part Muslim, so that the effect of our demographic decline is the Islamization of Europe."There are many statistical data, demonstrating this thesis, reported in these pages.

"The migrants that the European Union pretends to discover [...] belong, for the most part, to a religion that, for forty years has declared war on the West, and in particular to Christians and Jews, of whom tries to cancel the presence in the Middle East, with the more or less tacit assent of the West. " If we consider, moreover, that the launch of the contraceptive pill, in the Sixties, together with the weakening of the Christian faith, has given one of the major contributions to the demographic decrease of Europe, it is understandable why in the West the historian is spreading. French Pierre Chaunu defined the white plague, "To say that today the disaffection to procreate has, in the advanced countries of Europe, similar consequences to the black plague that decimated the population."

If the European Union is today the world region with the lowest fertility rate (1,55 children per woman), Germany in 2016 "has recorded the most significant peak of birth in thirty years thanks to the children of migrants. " While "in Genoa today there is something missing and that makes it the oldest city in Europe: the laughter of children. " Italy where, from the 1994, the number of deaths exceeds the number of births, "it is the first country in the world to experience what is known as crossing-over, so the number of people over the age of sixty exceeds the number of those who have less than twenty. " This demographic decline can not be attributed to a lack of social benefits, given that it is concentrated in the center and in the industrialized north of Italy. "Unlike the black plague of the Middle Ages, which filled the cemeteries, the new epidemic of voluntary sterility empties the maternity wards. "

As it happened that the barbarians, who were only the 5% of the population of the Roman Empire in the West, overthrew it, so the "Islamists conclude that European countries are like a rotten fruit on a tree: just a shake to make it fall. " This is because for Europeans "the present life is all that matters, the pleasant and comfortable life, the life for oneself only for oneself. "

While the churches are empty, the mosques crowd. Many Christian places of worship in Syria and Iraq have been destroyed or desecrated by Islamic fundamentalists. "But a less serious massacre, apparently peaceful and painless, is taking place in the heart of our Europe and in the capitals of its Christianity, from Paris to London. Everywhere the great churches of Christianity, Catholic and Protestant, are transformed into luxury apartments to satisfy the appetites of businessmen looking for something special. " Some deconsecrated churches often find a new life turning into private homes, libraries, concert halls, cultural centers, supermarkets, gyms and, finally, even in mosques (in Europe currently the mosques are about 6.000). In England they are closed 20 asked the year. In Germany, 515 churches were closed in the last ten years.

in short "Europe as we know it is disappearing, under the weight of denaturality and de-Christianization." Instead there will be more and more Muslims "Not because there are too many, but because Christians are less and less practicing."  Islam, in fact, "Has a threefold strategy for his conquest of Europe: immigration, fertility and conversion."

Professor Bernard Lewis, a professor at Princeton University in the United States, one of the best known experts in the Islamic world, said in the 2004 that Europe will be part of the Arab West, the Maghreb. There are, in fact, two Europe, one including France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the Nordic countries with a fertility rate equal to 1,8, thanks to the contribution of the Islamic communities, the other, that of low fertility, with a rate of 1, 3, including Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Iberian and Eastern countries.

Reflecting on the fact that "The real great cause of the fall of the Roman Empire was the demographic implosion" and that Constantinople, today Istanbul, was once the center of the Christian empire, "Without the courage to be what we are, and to transmit our heritage to our children, we Europeans are destined to disappear. And with us the greatest civilization that the world has known will disappear. " Therefore it may happen that "In hundreds of years, other peoples will visit the ruins of our cities, our churches, our maternity wards and they will wonder: what happened to them?"

Gianlorenzo Capano