Giampaolo Clerico: Bring him home!

Giampaolo Clerico
Ed. Athesia
pp. 176

Did you know that the USA has a special agency that aims to bring home soldiers who have disappeared on missions? There Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency - - operates all over the world and the book “Bring Him Home!” tells the story of the discovery of Lieutenant Lowell S. Twedt, thanks to the fundamental contribution received from the commander of the Carabinieri of the Sarentino station (Bz), Marshal Giampaolo Clerico.

It is the story of an all-Italian investigative determination. Clerico immediately entered into harmony with the twenty-five American soldiers of the DPAA who arrived in Val Sarentino for the "missing in action" search operations and supported them in the long and exhausting searches. A race against time, because Lieutenant Twedt had to return home and the time available for the undertaking was only six weeks and the search area was vast, furthermore the information was fragmentary and dated back to 20 October 1944. The Carabiniere was struck by such dedication to honoring the fallen and decided to talk about the experience.

The story starts from afar

The Reich must run out of fuel! So an air fleet is sent to bomb the Regensburg depot in Germany. The Americans leave from Salsola airport (FG) but in Val Sarentino the German "Flak" anti-aircraft fire opens fire against the seventy-one "Flying Fortress" B-17s and the ninety-two "Lockheed P-38 Lightning" that come within range. Three planes are hit and only one soldier survives.

The story reaches the present day with the search for the remains of the poor lieutenant, but there will still be many surprises and we leave them to the readers.

Francesco Bergamo

Giampaolo Clerico, born in 1972, major marshal of the Carabinieri with 30 years of service and multiple decorations for merit in service, is a doctor in Psychology. He was in the Balkans (“Joint Enterprise” KFOR-NATO). Polyglot, he speaks English, French, German and Portuguese.