Antonio Teti: Spycraft Revolution. Espionage and secret services in the third millennium

Antonio Teti
Ed. Rubbettino
pp. 264

The last work of prof. Antonio Teti: “Spycraft Revolution. Espionage and secret services in the third millennium ".

The authors of the preface and  presentation of the book: mr. Robert Gorelick (head of the Central Intelligence Agency in Italy from 2003 to 2008 and subsequently head of the agency's division in Washington) and prof. Mario Caligiuri (president of the Italian Intelligence Society, one of the leading European experts in the sector at the academic level).

The author, a university professor with a long experience gained in decades of "confidential" studies and contacts, with this text returns to dealing with espionage. He does so in a complete way, making his latest book a very useful - critical - update on the different characters of Intelligence and its evolution.

The chapters range from the analysis of the operating environment to the technological one, with the description of numerous "cases", up to the psychology of spies (and traitors).

"Contrary to the previous ones, the latter is an exquisitely popular book.

I try to collect ideas and reflections on the crucial points in which the Intelligence finds itself reflecting. At one time the matter was the exclusive prerogative of the Secret Services, essentially of the state apparatus.

Today, intelligence involves everyone - we are talking about economic intelligence but also about political intelligence and allows top management to have 'knowledge frames' available to make the best decisions ... "

The professor. Teti does not hide the criticalities of the current system: from the unprecedented influence of the US private sector with the alarming absorption of expertise from the various agencies, to the Chinese models which, even in this field, seem to want to dominate the exploitation ofblack gold of the third millennium: the collection of information.

Intelligence, espionage, security, are unfortunately "niche" topics that should finally be "discovered" by every fellow citizen. Too many times in Italy the politician on duty launches a slogan forgetting that a sentence with effect is not enough to spread a “culture” that is practically non-existent today. We must "collectively" start from the basics, from the ABC. Reading this book, articulated on all aspects of espionage and the very serious consequences of underestimating the dangers, can be a good start or an excellent continuation in learning.

Andrea Cucco

Photo: Defense Online

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