Andrea Di Stasio: "Sassari" Brigade and Sardinia - Unpublished photographs without censorship (1912-1937)

Andrew Di Stasio
Ed. Carlo Delfino
pp. 232

Born from the collaboration between General Andrea Di Stasio, the Institute for the History of the Italian Risorgimento-Central Museum of the Risorgimento, directed by prof. Marco Pizzo, the Central Institute of the Single Catalog (ICCU) and the Dessì Fulgheri family, the book collects a selection of unpublished images and not subject to censorship taken from the photographic collection Carruccio-Dessì discovered and enhanced by the author together with the sergeant major Sandro Solinas.

The collection of unpublished images created by Colonel Medico Antonio Carruccio, datable between the early and mid-twentieth century, offers an extraordinary contribution to the study of the history of the Great War at a national level and to the understanding of Italian society in the years preceding the conflict and in the following decade. The places photographed are those of the war front, Italy and Sardinia at the beginning of the century traveled by the Sassari brigade. Carruccio's gaze is able to grasp, with unusual sensitivity, the singularity of a few moments of collective daily life and the traces of change.

Prof. Protection payment: This is different in this case in which the photographer, contrary to the regulations in force at the time, used his personal apparatus to independently create his own images, which documented his personal war experience. The photographs thus take on a documentary character, that is, they become precise evidence of the place and day when the photographer-soldier was there. These are therefore rare, unpublished and uncensored images. In fact, a 1917 directive issued by the supreme command of the armed forces prohibited the taking of images relating to situations during the conflict that could provide intelligence to the enemy.

The Carruccio photographic fund was presented, through the Historical Museum of the Sassari Brigade, at the MIBACT where it received the interest of the special scientific technical committee for the historical heritage of the First World War of the Directorate-General for Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape, obtaining as a prize a specific loan for the Sassari Brigade Museum.

The author

General of the Italian Army, former commander of the brigade Sassari in Sardinia. He attended the Military Academy of Modena in 1987. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering in Bologna and in International Diplomatic Sciences in Trieste; he holds a master's in Strategic Sciences from the War School in Italy and a master's in Advanced Strategic Studies from the Higher Staff Institute in Madrid. He has held various operational and staff positions in Italy and abroad: strategic advisor to the Somali Minister of Defense within the EUTM Somalia mission; liaison officer at the French Defense Staff in Paris; 1st commander of the 3rd Helicopter Regiment for Special Operations Aldebaran; commander in the operational theaters of Bosnia, Iraq, Somalia and Lebanon.

(The edition is available in Italian, English and Sardinian)

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