Alessandro Rugolo: The cyber domain

Alessandro Rugolo
pp. 142
Ed. Independently published

The book is the result of a meticulous review of articles that, from various points of view and different levels of detail, delves into the vast world of cyber security. In fact, the text takes the reader by the hand gradually through this borderless "virtual cyber forest", made up of acronyms and technical concepts but also a lot of daily life and real experiences, without necessarily having to draw on a particular wealth of knowledge or skills. in the sector.

Although the primary objective is to make even complex topics accessible to everyone, the work manages to answer a considerable number of questions in the universe of digital security and to "often dig deep", providing interesting information also for the benefit of more curious and technologically up-to-date people. At the end of most of the chapters, valuable references and links to in-depth content have been shared.

The author also did not disdain, denoting both courage and full mastery of the subject, to express himself with clear metaphors and explicit parallels to make the concepts expressed more within reach, as well as to express himself with clear opinions, not skimping on useful information security advice and good practice in favor of a large and diversified potential audience. Reading is pleasant and light, without frills and abstruse terminologies, therefore suitable for all types of readers, even for experts who want to review some basic notions starting from the most accredited definitions.

Maurizio d'Amato

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