The War on Covid 19 and the deserters

(To Nicolò Manca)

Not even a distracted observer can escape the robe "military”Taken progressively by the vaccination campaign. Starting with the appointment of a general as extraordinary commissioner for the Covid emergency, military collaboration has gradually grown in terms of both personnel and means. The lexicon has also become militarized by adopting a vocabulary and procedures such as task force, war coronavirus, goals to hit, throws of ultimatum, such as, for example, the poor one on 15 October, addressed to those who do not intend, for various reasons, to undergo the anti-covid vaccination. Still missing that the "control rooms" take the name of "staffs ".

The fact remains that it is impossible that at the beginning of any newscast there is no image of an anti-covid uniform or at least an alpine hat of the army of the 300.000 members of the ANA.

With a "front attack"Against the category of"reluctant"(Or resistant) to the vaccine, but there are those who show that they have enough courage not to flinch even in the face of the risk of appearing ridiculous, equating the so-called no-vax to deserters, despicable beings who flee in front of the enemy in war and for this they were shot on the spot without much ceremony.

For the peacetime version of the deserters, those who give in to fear and flee in front of the anti-covid syringe, the government authority has in any case devised a peacetime shooting: via the salary, but with the foresight not to provide for either dismissal or suspension from work, formulas that in addition to risking damaging ISTAT statistics, are on a collision course with the queen law, the Constitution, which establishes work as the foundation of the Republic and supreme right of the citizen.

The legislator's objection was immediate: "But the Constitution talks about work, not about wages!", thus leaving to the father of the family, whether he wears a uniform or not, the burden of feeding his children in another way, other than that of beating the same to beg or do worse.

The press informs that the despicable category of deserters includes a significant percentage (which is however diminishing thanks to the aforementioned noble instrument of blackmail / salary) of doctors and soldiers belonging to the police and the armed forces, characters who have lent an oath who to fight disease and save lives, who to defend society from criminals and murderers and who to defend the homeland from external dangers. Many of them have repeatedly risked their lives both on the national territory and in missions in high-risk areas of the world, but the dwindling of their number also contributes very well to moral suasion exercised by the hammering campaign of denigration of the media lynching carried out by the world of information, "Enlisted", thanks to the incentive of periodic allocations, to distinguish the good citizens from the bad no-vax.

At this point, even the distracted observer, whether vaccinated or not, remains perplexed and asks himself questions: "But won't you be exaggerating?" - "Why is this pass provided only in Italy and not in other European countries?" - “How is it possible that we come to propose to deprive a father of a family, whether or not he wears a uniform, of the means of support? You want to take it out of hunger, as in the animal world, when you want to catch a prey by putting food at the bottom of a trap ”.

In reality, the explanation of the path that transforms an unthinkable and absurd proposal into a legalized measure exists, takes the name of "Overton's window" and develops through four steps: make people accept that the unthinkable proposal may include exceptions; make people accept that such exceptions are not wrong and, , which are reasonable and sensible in the name of an overriding interest; to use the world of information to make the measure that we are about to legalize appear acceptable to society. Everything must be seasoned with the fear of an impending danger, which could be the covid.

This process is functional to the point that it allowed Hitler to make the German people accept the need to eradicate the looming Zionist danger by exterminating six million Jews. Many Italians of a certain age will have jumped to hear from our television screens a well-known interviewer say to Special Commissioner "So you will go with the peasants to find house by house who does not want to get vaccinated"; phrase that, even if spoken as a joke and with a smile on his lips, evoked the memory of roundups of inauspicious memory.

It is possible that the image of the deserter evokes in the mind of the distracted observer also that of the traitor, who could be the politician who betrays his mandate; or the journalist who betrays the ethical duty to tell the truth and not censor what he is ordered to censor; or the magistrate who betrays justice to the detriment of the laws, the Constitution in the lead; or the doctor who betrays the Hippocratic oath and does not take sides against those responsible for ineffective if not harmful health protocols; or, finally, the military who does not take sides against any traitors of any extraction who operate under the umbrella of the enormous circle of interests moved by theAffair Covid-19.

To have clear ideas about deserters and traitors and to have answers to the questions of the distracted observer, it will certainly take some time which, being a gentleman, will perhaps dismantle our perplexities. In short: if they are roses they will bloom ... but it is the sprouting of thorns that worries!

Photo: US Air Force