The dissenting complicity: an oxymoron for soldiers and magistrates

(To Nicolò Manca)

Open Arms, Sea Watch, Alan Kurdi ... the music doesn't change: nothing new under the sun and above the seas. Respecting a liturgy re-proposed to nausea, the umpteenth landing in Lampedusa of the cargo of migrants "saved" by one of the non-Italian NGOs active in the Mediterranean is reaching the final phase.

The cliché of illegal immigration is marked, as the whole world now knows, by coded procedures corresponding to as many rings of a chain. The first ring is notoriously constituted by the traffickers of human beings, follows the ring of smugglers and of the owners of fishing vessels willing to work together to fine-tune, even before moving away from the Libyan coasts, the rendez-vous with the third ring: the boats of the NGOs.

Transferred migrants (mostly declared ill or unaccompanied minors and in any case all "fleeing from hunger and war", even if not a few are overweight, provided with mobile phones or gold chains and with a haircut not at all out fashion), therefore the skit of the search for a safe harbor, which obviously cannot be identified among those in Africa, although it is a destination for tourists eager to spend relaxing days, nor can it be Malta, let alone a landing place in the country that owns the NGO boat in play.

The safe haven can only be in Italy, an incredibly favored solution, as mercilessly made public by the web, by Italian presidents of the past and present. Possible obstacles to this obvious protocol are overcome by judicial offices entrusted to the most enlightened fringe of the judiciary, which is also dominated by that component which does not share its work, believing that for anyone, and even more so for a magistrate, it is permissible to infringe the laws voted by the Parliament and promulgated by the Head of State.

At this point the fourth link in the chain enters the scene: the armed forces. With the background of the petulant song of the Vatican sirens and the canonical "beautiful hello" of the cooperatives eager to get their hands on a new stock of migrants, the ships of our navy collaborate to carry out or complete the "rescue" work, with the army and aeronautics competition in health care, transportation, etc.

This the obvious protocol (and it is surprising that the speculators who developed it are so easy to put it into practice) by virtue of which we continue to bring in Italy a part of the tens of millions of Africans who yearn to land in the Bel Paese. It will then be the crime to remember every day that a significant number of these migratory "resources" is made up of criminals who prefer the Italian judiciary and our diverse democratic structures to the less permissive of their countries of origin.

To complete the picture, the usual ambiguous attitude of Europe that after 17 days of silence proposes ambiguous, vague and contradictory solutions, reinforcing the conviction that such a slimy and false Europe is better to lose it than to find it.

Since there is no doubt that from an ethical point of view this liturgy is shameful and unequivocally censurable, a question naturally arises: why those who wear a toga or a uniform do not dissociate themselves from it, but even become their collaborator and accomplice? Moral dissent should be followed by "I'm not there" without ifs and buts. Nothing unlawful, let it be clear: no one wants the Thirty-Toninelli-Salvini style wars even within the judiciary and even less military coups, but simply a position taken by the leaders of these two institutions.

How? Making his thought public (worth the recent example of the parish priest of Sora, Don Donato Piacentini) and resigning, for consistency, from the position held.

And instead of all this: only silences and smiling faces framed by the pentastellata Elisabetta Trenta, priestess of the liturgy outlined above, in her capacity as captain of the "Selected Reserve" which rose to the rank of Minister of Defense. It is inevitable that this image recalls that of another captain of the "selected reserve", Massimo Ficuciello, who died in Nassiriya on November 12. Massimo Ficuciello, a young non-activist or party sympathizer, quit his job as a banking analyst at a Milanese credit institution to join the ranks of the Sassari Brigade. I wonder what the judgment of Ficuciello could be on this colleague of his selected reserve who, having held the ministerial role without betraying the absolute loyalty to the party he belonged to, worked with incisiveness and effectiveness to bury the armed forces, accepting that he was mortified the budget and promoting "epochal" measures such as organizing.

To crown the work of the Thirty is now the position she assumed in the illegal migration affair, and considering the role played in the sector also by various presidents of the council and ministers of successive governments over the years, all that remains is to take stock and recognize that no institution is immune from the risk of breeding a snake in its bosom. A position taken, in compliance with the law, by the heads of the judiciary and the armed forces would represent at least an effective antidote against the proliferation of snakes.

Photo: RAI / Ministry of Defense