The thought of Dante on Politics, Armed Forces, Judiciary and Church in Italy

(To Nicolò Manca)

Un Head of State which praises the Navy emphasizing the presumed prestige that would come to Italy for the methodical and active role played, in the context of the scourge of illegal immigration, guaranteeing the recovery of human traffic managed by criminal organizations down to the African coast; a Chief of Defense Staff that at the time of his inauguration he argues that the defense of national borders is no longer necessary; a Judiciary which allows a Graziano Mesina (murderer, kidnapper and drug trafficker) to return to freedom; a Head of the Church that puts on top of his thoughts the need to guarantee the continuity of the migratory traffic emphasized by the Head of State mentioned above ... there is enough for a citizen to go with his thoughts to two reflections of the great Dante: "O servant Italy, of pain hostel, ship without helmsman and in great storm, not woman of provinces, but brothel!"

The second reflection deals more directly with immigration, which for centuries has been sponsored by the church: "Always the confusion of the persons principle was of the mal de la cittade, as of your food that appone".