The case of the Wuhan company at the ice cream fair in Rimini: a question to the organizers

(To David Rossi)

The well-known journalist Selvaggia Lucarelli has recently attracted the ire of administrators and entrepreneurs from the areas of northern Italy most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic for writing that “The Sigep ice cream fair was held in Rimini from 18 to 22 January”, An important event, indeed even "The only fair in the world where the entire artisan gelato supply chain is presented". It was present at stand 60 in pavilion B3 la "Wuhan Huiyou Wood Products Co., Ltd, a company that produces biodegradable objects such as spoons and trays". Lucarelli pointed out that "in the same pavilion where there is the Wuhan company there are also companies from Crema and Codogno with bizarre neighborhoods also with companies from San Marino and Treviso, two areas very affected by the Coronavirus. It should also be added that Rimini itself has recorded various infections since February ". The conclusion of the well-known commentator: it is "impossible to establish whether this is the place where it all started in Codogno, but it is undeniable that for a possible epidemiological investigation the times are back and it could be an interesting track"1.

The reaction of SIGEP lasts: “SIGEP ended on January 22nd. Patient zero checked in Codogno four weeks later. A little long as an incubation. By inviting everyone to a responsible attitude on such serious issues, Italian Exhibition Group will watch carefully because any further news or assumptions will not harm the interests of a market that represents one of the most flourishing 'made in Italy'. And they do not harm those of the Company itself, listed on the Italian stock exchange. Dissemination of groundless information will be legally pursued. On the subject IEG has nothing more to add "2.

I do not support Selvaggia Lucarelli's position, at least because it is a little too simplistic: poor Codogno has nothing to do with Rimini. And that any of the representatives of the Chinese company was the bearer of COVID-19 is only a guess. However, from an ethical and opportunity point of view, IEG's response is very perplexing.

I state that we are talking about it here because tens of thousands of men and women of the armed forces and law enforcement agencies risk their lives every day, often without devices capable of guaranteeing them adequate safety standards, for the pandemic in progress and, unfortunately, ALL Made in Italy is suffocated to death by an inevitable locking-down policy accepted by tens of millions of citizens with a patriotic spirit.

With them, doctors and health personnel, volunteers, priests, the sick and their families risk their lives.

With them, workers, professionals and entrepreneurs risk irreparable damage to their personal lives and financial security.

With them, the whole Italian system moans and suffers.

Well, having said that, dear gentlemen of IEG, you could let us know if you have at least sent an e-mail to the Wuhan company to which you sold a stand from 18 to 22 January, the latter the day before the total isolation imposed by the People's Republic of China to the entire province of Hubei and its now famous capital? This e-mail, as we imagine it, should ask them a simple question: messers ... dear sirs ... Dear company, gentlemen, have you by chance tested positive for hundreds of thousands of tests done by your government in your city ravaged by coronavirus? We ask you this because we are a bit worried about those who attended our magnificent event and we do not want them to suffer any damage for the participation, without our responsibility, of an infected person.

I am sure you will have done it since the company was easy to achieve from January 23 to today because you certainly have the contacts (I have participated in many fairs in my life: e-mails are given, the numbers of landlines, the furniture of one or more executives, almost always also personal numbers etc.). For readers, I report the website of Wuhan Huiyou Wood Products Co., Ltd, on which they will find the references to ask for information directly, if they had been to SIGEP between 18 and 22 January:

The reader, by visiting this website, will discover that the company was so hopeful at the idea of ​​developing new markets through the Rimini fair that it had even published a banner on the homepage, which is still there (opening image). Yes, because in times when we can be reported and have criminal consequences for bringing the dog to do the needs two blocks away from home, we are all a little alarmed for our health and that of our loved ones and frankly, with the our companies or those of our employers in great pain, we are relatively interested in whether a company is listed on the stock exchange or not. We just need to know the answer from the above Chinese company to your email. If any .. If you ever wrote it.

Here, it is not a question of looking for the patient zero, but of having attention for the client, as I am sure, indeed very certain that you have. For this reason, we would like, if you have not already done so for reasons of inopportunity, that these days, by e-mail or telephone, you tried to contact this blessed Chinese company. You know, Wuhan is starting to go out on the street a bit. But from that January 23 e-mail and cell phones have always worked.

With this thought, I extend my best wishes for the success of yours and all Italian companies.