Will 5G change our lives? Interview with Marco Pizzuti

(To Umberto Camillo Iacoviello)

Marco Pizzuti, born in 1971, is an author specialized in counterinformation. His books have sold over 200.000 copies in Italy alone and have been published in 19 countries around the world.

His latest book is 5G dossier. Unauthorized investigation into the technological revolution destined to change our existence (Mondadori).

To understand his point of view on an extremely delicate and multifaceted issue, we contacted him.

When we talk about 5G the first idea that comes to our mind is fast internet, however this is only one aspect of the new network, in your book you speak of "a real technological revolution destined to change our lives forever. days ". How?

The advent of the fifth generation of mobile telephony will bring about radical changes in the whole of society because it is being integrated into the context of the industrial revolution 4.0 already underway for some years. In fact, even robotics and artificial intelligence have reached an epochal turning point with anthropomorphic automata capable of carrying out repair, assembly and storage works that were previously reserved for men. Their evolution has now reached such a level that they can perform acrobatic jumps and turns like an Olympic champion like those created by Boston Dynamics who already rent robot dogs to companies for surveillance services.

Thanks to its ability to transceive a huge amount of data in a very short time, 5G is the first network that allows you to connect any electrical device to artificial intelligence making it "smart". All machines will therefore be able to communicate with each other without any human intervention and it is precisely for this reason that 5G has been nicknamed the internet of things from which the English-speaking acronym IOT (Internet of Things). Some examples: Industries will become fully or almost fully automated "smart factories" and cities of "smart cities" while cars and all transport systems can be equipped with extremely precise and safe autonomous driving; Our front door can open and close on its own to allow delivery of a package. Instead of locks they will have face recognition sensors while a simple refrigerator can order supplies directly to the supplier without our intervention. Surgeons will be able to perform complex interventions remotely without any latency (delay) that could endanger the patient's life.

A radical change ...

5G will make all the technologies currently in use obsolete and the rush to purchase household appliances and any new smart product or service will produce a boom in industrial production with economic revenues worth thousands of billions. Cities will be safer with high resolution facial recognition cameras and surveillance drones connected to artificial intelligence and the introduction of smart contracts will also change traditional commercial relationships. In fact, the paper contracts will be replaced by software that will be able to communicate with the machines, making it possible to modify the contractual conditions in real time. So it can happen for example that in case of non-payment of an installment for a loan, we will be able to find ourselves immediately with the door of our smart car locked.

Will this leap forward also have negative effects on important factors such as employment, privacy and control of individuals?

In the next few years, the dizzying increase in automation and the digitalization of the production chain and services will inevitably also create serious employment problems because millions of jobs will literally be burnt and they can hardly be replaced by new ones. Nothing will be like before. In addition, all the data collected by smart devices on all our activities will flow through 5G into a big data and artificial intelligence will potentially be able to know us better than ourselves. Our physical characteristics, our health conditions, our habits, our desires, our purchases, our contacts, our romantic relationships and everything that we are and do, can be monitored, archived, profiled and constantly reworked. This means that we are getting to the heart of the so-called surveillance capitalism and both governments and multinationals will potentially be able to direct our choices better than the best of the mentalists in his shows has done so far.

Dystopian scenarios like Skynet intelligence in Terminator and Orwell's words in 1984 "Now technological progress is realized only if what it produces can somehow be used to reduce human freedom" are becoming reality. To all this must be added the health effects.

The health aspect is certainly not the last in order of magnitude in importance. In fact, more than 180 authoritative scientists from around the world are demanding respect for the precautionary principle, that is, the suspension of the installation of the antennas until there are no studies on safety for health because many researches have associated microwaves and waves. millimetric of the high frequencies that 5G will use (from 3 to 300 Ghz), to a long list of pathologies. Some examples: oxidative stress, eye and skin diseases, inflammatory processes, free radicals, lowering of glutathione levels (natural antioxidant), damage to cell membranes, gene expression and DNA, alteration of blood pressure, heart rhythm and blood flow, sperm damage and decreased motility, damage to the central nervous system, calcium pump abnormalities, reduction of calcineurin and T lymphocytes (with weakened immune system), cell apoptosis and cancer.

Among the scientists most opposed to 5G, also prof. Martin Pall (expert on the effects of microwaves on human biology) of the University of Washington while Neil Kostoff, an aerospace engineer with more than 200 peer reviewed publications, published a report on the 5G of more than a thousand pages with the eloquent title: "The most great unethical medical experiment in history ”.

Despite the obvious contrasts in the scientific community and the lack of a unanimous judgment, no public debate has been opened in the mainstream media and every dispute is dismissed as fake news. The interests at stake are obviously enormous and not surprisingly, Vittorio Colao, former CEO of a large telephone company such as Vodafone and current member of the Verizon board of directors, was appointed head of the task force for the reconstruction of Italy. U.S. 5G. And so, after more than 520 Italian municipalities (v.link) have adhered to the moratorium against 5G for compliance with the precautionary principle, the government has responded with an iron fist by preparing a simplification DL that provides for the cancellation of any possibility of obstacle by the mayors.

Finally, 5G has opened up a new front on the already tense relations between the USA and China

The management of 5G antennas is also a geopolitical problem because whoever controls all data entered on the network through new technologies, is as if he had the control panel of entire countries and a super power such as the United States, for example, may not consider the installation of Chinese 5G systems in NATO states as a serious threat.

Finally, from an exquisitely military point of view, 5G is an absolute priority because the latest generation smart weapons can only work thanks to a wireless network that allows you to manage millions of devices (fleets of drones and new autonomously guided robotic weapons) simultaneously , without latency and with maximum precision. This means that a superpower without this network will not be able to defend itself effectively from an attack with the latest generation of smart weapons. In the military summits therefore, the 5G network is considered as an absolute priority and a sort of new race for the atomic bomb on which there is no time to waste.

Photo: author / web / US DoD