The NoVax as modern defeatists?

(To David Rossi)

The experience of a war touches a country in all its components: the Armed Forces and the reserve, the logistics and welfare services for the belligerents, the families of the belligerents and those who serve them and, finally, the internal front in the its part not directly involved in the operations: students and retirees and workers, farmers and employees of both sexes, all those who are exempt from fighting and who have no experience of waged war even through their closest relatives.

An important part of the war effort also falls on them, but perhaps they are not really touched by the true experience of war, except in the case of bombed or besieged cities. Pass me the term, they are or have been lucky enough to never see the trenches, the front lines and the field hospitals. For them, war is that bad thing described by the mass media, probably under dictation by the authorities, or told by those who have been through it, but which is known to always exaggerate to look like a victim or a hero. Because then the war forced this so-called home front to make sacrifices justified only by the emergence of the conflict and in clear violation of laws and rights: hours of curfew, limitations on freedom of movement and assembly, often even the gag put on voices clearly opposed to the fighters.

Then, what war is it about? They did not even explain the reasons well and they did not call the citizens to express themselves: they only imposed mobilizations and limitations, placing as justification the supreme duty to serve the homeland and ultimately the salvation of the nation. High-sounding words, but will they be sincere? There are those who, at this juncture, have become impoverished: and you hear many, who have neither children who leave for the front nor reservists at home, say that they have had the worst, that they have lost everything. Then, we know that there are those who have grown rich: probably, they are the same ones who have spread all these alarming rumors and have applauded so many limitations. So, you find yourself attached to the lathe or bent over the fields, producing for the usual chosen few, fat and satisfied, who say they are fighting the war, but then they are the same ones who never miss anything.

Let's face it: there has never been a war without the dead returning home and receiving a funeral. But will it be true that soldiers go to die along the border? Who die by the thousands every week? The bodies don't show them to you, that's a fact. They say that if it continues like this they will have to recruit workers and women as well: are we kidding? The strategists' opinion has no scientific basis, it has not been approved by the people.

There are articles of foreign origin that say it clearly: there is a conspiracy by the generals, there are the interests of the capitalists ... It is time to rebel, to undermine this so-called war machine, which only serves to fatten up those in charge . Here, we take to the streets by the thousands and ask for the freedom not to fight, indeed that we stop fighting and without conditions, because the usual articles translated from foreign languages ​​say that everything will be fine if we stop waging war. And who believes that the enemy is really there? He didn't come here to be seen ...

Well, remove the word war in all this text and replace it with "pandemic", put "vaccinations" and "health care" in place of the fighting and you will understand how the No Vax they are nothing more than what all men and women of the Defense have hated for centuries: gods defeatists, often inspired or heterodirected more or less knowingly by foreign powers, who seek to plunge the country into chaos while you fight to defend it and who will ultimately enjoy the benefits of victory, which they have always rowed against.

"At the troop camp, our soldiers are left to starve as if through systematic destruction: no help comes from the homeland which seems to have disowned these unfortunate fighters, who fell into captivity during the first heroic offensives in the Karst due to that fatality that only those who do not has experienced the reality of war may refuse to understand " (Carlo Sauce)

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