Attack League to the Thirty ... with the F-35

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

With an official note from the Northern League Defense Undersecretary Raffaele Volpi, it should be noted that the fighters of 5 ° generation of the Lockheed Martin F-35 LIGHTNING II, they represent not only a military instrument but also a form of anchoring, also of perspective, to a historical alliance with the United States of America.

With this note, Volpi explicitly expresses doubts about the uncertainties surrounding the F-35 dossier by the Minister of Defense Elisabetta Trenta.

From an industrial point of view, positive choices towards the new omnifunctional platform would make it possible to strengthen and increase Cameri's production opportunities and identify further industrial and technological developments to bring to Italy.

The story of the F-35 should not be experienced as a problem but as a great political and development opportunity, Secretary of State Volpi concludes.

Given the well-known skepticism, on the part of the pentastellates, about the purchase of the F-35, the note by the Northern League lawyer fits into the context of the government clash.

It is also true that, after the considerable openings of the pentastellars to China as regards the New Silk Road - especially favored by the political leader of the 5 Stars Luigi Di Maio - an official act was needed to reaffirm the proximity of the League to the positions of the Trump Administration. Furthermore, Volpi's emphasis on the F-35, is to be placed in the Salvatorian diatribe against Minister Trenta, and of the possible (and probable) crisis of government.