A new Italian social network, PeoplereunionPeople


PeoplereunionPeople is a new platform that you can visit on the web, facebook and twitter and uses a YouTube channel, PoplereunionPeople channel. The goal of PeoplereunionPeople is to bring people together again as they used to.

Thanks to social networks we have canceled the distances, approached people but relegated emotions to simple "bits". PeoplereunionPeople allows you to use social networks, on the contrary, or to meet again an old friendship, a schoolmate, a job and why not also an old love, a parent you no longer see, a brother. Everyone from today has a reference, or a container of emotions, to be able to look for someone and relive the emotions of the past. An SOS area was also dedicated to looking for missing people and animals.

The "goal" of the platform is to organize as many "reunions" as possible. An area dedicated to reunions will witness the meetings of those who believed in the impossible with videos and photographs.

Why submit this new platform to ONLINE DEFENSE? Because in the military world the need to look for oneself is certainly more felt, considering the innate body spirit of women and men with the stars that during the service cemented unrepeatable feelings and emotions.

Just visit the site www.peoplereunionpeople.com and send your video message, the impossible will thus come true.