Amazement and uncertainty for the agreement on the renewal of the PA contract


The Co.Ce.R. Marina learns from the media, with great surprise, the news that yesterday an agreement was signed between the Government and the confederal unions for the renewal of the contract of the PA.

From what has been disclosed, it would seem that the funds available promised, and to be financed over the next three years, could be destined for the entire public administration and therefore also for the Defense, Security and Public Rescue Section, but to date we are not sure.

In the face of this affair the military still do not know what the resources destined to the reorganization of the careers are and if the bonus of the 80 euro will be confirmed.

Despite the failure to call to sign the agreement, we reassure our staff that we will be guarantors of their expectations during the eventual consequent necessary consultation, in our opinion to be opened as soon as possible.

Ultimately, it is regrettable to note the lack of involvement of the RM in consideration of the fact that for three years the Government has not met the staff representatives in uniform who, conversely, are always ready to serve the country.

Co.Ce.R. Marina