Speculating of isis, of You and of the battle for life


Fixed the gray linoleum of a hospital corridor, a child's cry slowly enters my head, the voice of a mother chants unconnected words, all this is the belly of what we commonly call public health, what all this has to do with it with IS, oil and international politics is quickly said.

The Islamic state of the east sells 40.000 barrels of oil a day at a price of 30% lower than the "official" market, collects through Turkish banks in financial products and enters strongly in the cereal market, in short it is structured within the western system , the same system that atrociously manages this hospital, denying an MRI on Sunday due to lack of personnel, having a surgical operation carried out under the responsibility of the doctors because yet another authorization has not yet been received, begging on drugs and waiting for the works of charity so that life-saving materials can be acquired. 

I keep staring at this damn linoleum and I think the light reflected in my eyes is the fruit of ISIS oil, bought by an unscrupulous system that, instead of administering its own welfare for the benefit of citizens, trades unscrupulously with hooded with terror, on the other hand who can crave a barrel for 60 dollars if not this Europe sick of a self-induced crisis. Din din din ... The machine continues inexorably, it means that you are there, in spite of ISIS and its false machinations, my hope is in your little heart, but also the future of this society in which I am sure, people like you will give the decisive turn at the right moment; because the black flags have always been there in the world, but the white souls have always managed to achieve victory in the long run. Andrea Pastore