People Reunion People, known as the PRP Channel, have today a new robe


PRP Channel is an independent communication platform which aims to explain, in a concise manner, current affairs, domestic and foreign politics, economics, the world of work and industry.

PRP Channel is the only “online” platform that tells the world about Italy, thanks to the simultaneous translation of articles in English, French, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, German, Spanish and Russian. All the insights are explained with very short videos with the technique of cartograms, simple, effective and intuitive and once a week a multilingual news program is offered on the most interesting Italian events.

After passing the 200000 views in just two months from the 15 March 2017, the creator Massimiliano D'Elia, wants to continue in the already traced track to make their country known even to those who live thousands of miles away. "Italy is not just mafia and spaghetti," explains D'Elia. Many of our excellences and there is so much to tell the world. The big investors, continues D'Elia, know little and badly about Italian politics, industry and Italians. Not to mention the Italian artistic heritage and the hundreds of other opportunities we can offer, underlines the creator of PRP Channel.

PRP Channel has the ambition to create a privileged showcase of Italy for abroad. An independent showcase that will tell everything, not just beautiful things!