Military commuters discriminated on trains in the Lazio region


From days on the Rome-Cassino route the train speaker invites the uniformed soldiers to get up to give way to travelers holding tickets.
This happens because, according to a service agreement between Trenitalia Lazio and the Ministry of Defense, the free travel ticket is granted to soldiers traveling in uniform, to ensure greater safety on trains, considering the deterrence of the uniform with the stars, symbol of the state.
The military complain that they did not know this new provision and in front of the announcement "populorum" feel discriminated and harassed as "non-paying" commuters, yet the agreement has been wanted by the Lazio region just to ensure safety for all. The soldiers are asking for an official apology from Trenitalia because with that unhappy announcement we turn to the servants of the common state and not to "non-paying commuters".
The military is about to give up the free travel ticket and pay a regular subscription because the commuters are all the same, everyone gets up early in the morning and everyone comes back late, even if they wear a uniform.

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