New pay for the military with the check for the home

(To Femaz)

One of the main problems for the Public Employment staff is the monthly remuneration, which is generally lower than that of other sectors and frequently the victim of the contractual block by the various Governments that have succeeded, due to public finance needs. The Constitutional Court condemned the aforementioned contractual block, so much so that the Renzi and Gentiloni Government have now been forced to provide for the release of the contracts, stopped at the 2010.

The story of low wages and not in line with European ones, of the blocking of contracts, of the failed reorganization of careers for the military and whatever else has favored, in the various administrations, the increase in litigation and the functional immobility of the same.

For civilian PA personnel it is almost impossible to start transfer procedures for functional needs, in offices where there are serious organic deficiencies; this, to the detriment of citizens who do not receive the necessary services for which they pay taxes.

With regard to military personnel, on the other hand, the transfer, the "employment order", becomes executive and not unmanageable because the soldier must execute the order of employment.

The transfer takes place in the military base where there is an organic shortage, to satisfy specific service needs. However, this creates an inequality for military families because the standard of living and accommodation in Milan, Rome and Bologna is certainly different from that of other smaller cities, far from the large urban agglomerations.

The military personnel, with families in tow, as is the current situation, lives this contradiction. In the South it can have a dignified life even with only one salary, in the Center and in the North, instead it is forced to live more modestly and with repercussions for the entire family unit. It is no coincidence that most of the soldiers are forced to leave their families in their places of origin, increasing the phenomenon of commuting and not least the most painful of divorces. In the military world, in fact, there is a significant increase in the number of divorces, above the national average.

In the United States, on the other hand, they have solved this problem, already known about thirty years ago, with the Basic Allowance for Housing.

They have studied a method for determining the monthly salary, depending on the place of employment. In fact, the salary of a military worker working in Washington DC is higher than that of a colleague working in Arizona, TX. According to an algorithm, studied by the Defense, the salary is increased by a housing allowance, determined on the basis of the market prices of the reference housing.

American soldiers have two options: to be housed in military housing free of charge, or to have a house check, according to the workplace. Not to mention nest nurseries, provided in all military sediments.

The idea is certainly onerous for public finance, however if applied to all sectors and not just to Defense, it would give an epochal turning point to the employment of Administration personnel and greater services would be guaranteed to citizens. Thus, there would be no objections to a transfer from one place to another, with equal living conditions. Take for example the difficulties of the government in the transfer of "authority" of teachers from the south to the north.

It is a "social" idea that would give greater dignity to the worker and greater fluidity in the employment of personnel within the Public Administration, but above all greater services to citizens and additional resources to the local government concerned.

It is not the island that is not there, the idea exists and is already applied in the USA.

(photo: USDoD)