Humanity is a military gift


With Roberto we are "frà".

"Frà" in the Navy was exchanged between the conscripts of the same contingent or those who had followed the same training course at the non-commissioned schools. I don't know if it's still used. It was obviously the contraction of the word "brother" and implied the sharing of an experience and an important and intense period of life as only military life can give you.

Among the Navy Raiders the term "frà" is always used ... perhaps in the closed barracks and far from ears unrelated to the Department that could misunderstand and exchange this term for laxity in the discipline and little respect for the hierarchies, but between us Raiders are always used.
He brings together everyone who wears green berets. In spite of the degree: both in training the underwater nights are long, dark and cold in the same way that you are an officer rather than a non-commissioned officer or a sub-chief; in spite of the assignment: so much in operation backpack and rifle weigh equally that you are the commander rather than the youngest of the operative detachment; in spite of the role: both in the mission you expose yourself to the risk in the same way that you stay in the ring rather than you are leading an assault boat or hanging from a helicopter.

Also among us Incursori di Marina the term implies the sharing of an experience that over the years becomes all-encompassing. But it's still something more ...

It is the seal of the entrustment that you do on the abilities and courage of the man who stands beside you on a mission. It is thanksgiving for the security that infuses you when under water you know that it is tied to the other end of your connection cord or when it covers you during a tactical movement. It is the recognition of the importance of his judgment, his professionalism and his experience when you seek comfort in your doubts in planning an intervention. It is the implicit thanks of the contribution that comes to you from his strength of mind and from his spontaneity when in moments of relax you share a beer or a barbecue with the camouflage still soaked of sweat. It is the awareness that his presence does not end when you take off the camouflage or the diving suit or the ordinary uniform, but you know that even your family, in everyday life as in disasters, will have it close if it is needed.

Is it called camaraderie? Is it called humanity? I don't know ... We Navy Raiders are accustomed to thinking that it is a dowry, a military gift that we take for contagion when we are welcomed in the Ward or that perhaps it is benevolently infused by some demigod warrior when they give us a green beret with the dagger and the anchor crossed ...
Roberto of this gift was the greatest bearer.

Farewell Lieutenant Marongiu. Farewell comrade of exemplary professionalism. Goodbye friend with a big heart .... Goodbye frà!

Rear Admiral Francesco Chionna