Letter to Online Defense: soon a Reality in the hospitals of Lombardy?


In reality, Reality has already started: many services sent by the main television networks project viewers directly into the emergency rooms, in the infectious (and infected) wards, with a lot of zooms on the respirators, tubes, noses and throats of the poor protected sick just for privacy from a blurred circle. Images bordering on pornography (the term in Treccani quotes as follows: "treatment or representation of subjects or images deemed obscene, made with the aim of erotically stimulating the viewer"). The images we see on TV do not stimulate us erotically but emotionally. However, their invasiveness is obscene.

Communication has changed. The visibility of stadiums, concert arenas has now moved to hospitals. San Siro, Olimpico or Forum di Assago now have little appeal compared to Spallanzani or San Raffaele. The great footballers have been supplanted for visibility by virologists, infectologists, distinguished professors. Doctors who issue river interviews, researchers who open hospital doors to journalists, interviewers and video operators. Doctors, health workers and entire departments distracted for hours from the most important work in the immediate term: care and assistance. All (in front and behind the lens) covered only by a ridiculous mask that often, at the time of the interview, for television needs, is moved freeing the face and brought under the chin by hands (not protected) and brought back to the face immediately after .

The example and awareness of the use of masks, the rules on the distances that all workers who can now work to keep Italy on their feet, health workers in the first place and the world of information, should fail.

In the USA today there are chats that post prevention errors made live in our country by doctors, nurses, law enforcement officers, journalists. American and Scandinavian chats used almost as tutorials with the warning: don't do this. Anyone can do a simple test and even a layman notices common mistakes. It would be enough to photograph the screen during the TV services and then post it and report it on social media that the web would be flooded with photos that report serious errors and shortcomings.

The parallelism between trenches and hospital wards has become commonplace. History has handed down to us that in war the Italians were a people of heroes. The faults of military defeats, especially in World War II, we remember them because our grandparents were flooded with government lies, they were ill-equipped and disorganized. The guilt of that time was attributed to the dictatorship. Today the risk is that this failure will bring it behind a democracy. If democracies fail, I fear that very little remains afterwards.

Enrico Spanu

Photo: La7 / Twitter