Letter to Online Defense: European Parliament equates crimes of Nazism and Communism, Lager and Gulag


Dear Director, I read reader Peron's criticisms of my speech at the 8 last September at Porta San Paolo in Rome (v.lettera) and your concise and comprehensive answer in this regard, a response that I fully agree with. Far be it from me any intention to reopen the debate on the subject. I didn't do it then and I certainly won't do it today.

I would just like to point out that having placed Nazi totalitarianism and the communist Soviet totalitarianism on the same level, the gulags and camps (which caused me many criticisms, not only from Mr. Peron) has now been done by the Resolution of 19 European Parliament, September 2019 on the importance of European memory for the future of Europe, which it verbatim reports in the paragraph 3. "... the Nazi and Communist regimes committed mass murders, genocides and deportations, causing, in the course of the 20th century, loss of life and freedom of an unprecedented scale in the history of humanity, and recalls the horrendous crime of the Holocaust perpetrated by the Nazi regime; condemns in the strongest terms the acts of aggression, the crimes against humanity and the massive violations of human rights perpetrated by the Nazi regime, the communist regime and other totalitarian regimes "

I think that the recognition and acceptance of historical reality are perhaps the first step in trying to leave us behind, as the Italian People, divisions and partisanship of 75 years ago, which we should have passed for a long time.

Antonio Li Gobbi