Letter to Online Defense: in the selection for the weapon the psychiatrist would have evaluated a candidate in 4 '


Egr. dr. Cucco, thank you for your willingness to host in your newspaper a life experience, recently lived by a relative of mine, on the occasion of the participation in the "Competition for exams and qualifications for the recruitment of 2000 pupils in four-year-old carabinieri", in progress held at the General Command of the Carabinieri - National Selection and Recruitment Center, located in Rome, Viale di Tor di Quinto n. 153.

In these days, at the center indicated above, tests of physical efficiency, psycho-physical tests and aptitude tests are being carried out for young aspirants who have passed selective tests in written form. Young candidates from all over Italy, full of hope and with the specific purpose of getting dressed in the uniform of the Carabinieri.

Of this I am sure, because I have heard it directly from the affirmations of my partner and is seen through the constant commitment, lavished by the same, towards the study and care of the details aimed at overcoming the different trials that awaited him.

I strive to be as objective as possible, as far as humanly possible, facilitated, moreover, by my forty-year experience as a lecturer in secondary school and then in contact with young people of the age or almost of the candidate or of the many candidates for recruitment in object.

The young candidate, after passing the written tests, with balanced enthusiasm and feet firmly on the ground, despite the very young age, learns about the convocation for the tests of physical efficiency and for the psycho-physical and attitudinal examinations and for which he goes to Rome. I do not deny that, for those like my partner, coming from quite distant places, the fact involves a considerable expense, considering travel, board and lodging for 7 days. But certainly these are not the obstacles for those who want to take the road to get dressed in the Carabinieri uniform.

In the following tests, the young man confirmed himself with good results and the hope of making it became more and more certain. Personally at that point I was convinced too!

Alas! The interview that the young man plays from the PSCHIATRA sees him succumb (excuse the expression).

Of course, knowing the young man, I still can not understand the diagnosis signed by PSCHIATRA, "ANSI OF PERFORMANCE", because I disregarded in him problems related to states of emotion or particular anxieties. The conclusions, so immediate to which the examining specialist doctor had arrived in just 4 minutes, aroused even more perplexity.

My young conspirator then pointed out to me that he was not anxious at all, that he did not feel at all tense and that he only felt the serious and important trial and that, seriously, he faced it.

In fact I write this letter, because I know the young man, because I know how serious and respectful it is of others and rules ... and without wanting to take anything away from the specialist who has it in 4 minutes examined, I'm sure it was wrong and much.

I do not want to question the professionalism of the examiner, I can only understand that in such a short time it is very difficult to draft a truly rigorous and objective diagnosis, however, gentle Director, I can not justify such lightness, especially when you go to select boys that through their behavior they will have to be an example towards the common people.

They represent the state!

This decision is even less justifiable, for those who have believed that they have done their duty and still can not figure out where it was wrong and why it was excluded!

I would like the General Commander of the Carabinieri to read this letter to ask him:

Is it possible in a few minutes to judge an unsuitable candidate for "PERFORMANCE ANSI?

Mr. General, how many children today in Italy are in the same condition, uncertain of their future and above all not able to understand the meaning of a judgment, incomprehensible to the origin?

Thanks and best regards

Letter signed


Dear Professor, thank you for sharing your family experience with online Defense readers.

The General Command of the Arma, contacted for his case, would like to underline how - also in the light of recent scandals in other public competitions - the utmost attention is always paid to the correctness of the selection procedures and to the professionalism of the personnel employed.

As with any administrative procedure, there is the right to resort to administrative justice. In order to evaluate this opportunity, I asked the lawyer. Fameli, our administrative law expert, to write an article on the issue (link below).

I hope I have been of some help.

Cordial greetings

Andrea Cucco

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