Letter to Online Defense: regarding the issue Lynx KF41 Vs CV90 MK IV


Dear Director, I write about thearticle concerning the dispute Lynx KF41 Vs CV90 MK IV.

let's face it, to have them on the spot the Swedish CV90s would also be fine which, in the full optional version, offer a heavily armed and certainly better protected vehicle than the now ancient Dardo.

Given the choice, I have no doubts: LynxKF41. I welcomed the appointment of the Hon. Crosetto to the Ministry of Defense and at this point I dare to hope for the best choice! Also because... are we really sure that by spending less we really save money?

BAE SYSTEM's offer for the CV90 seems to be heavily supported by gen. Serino, would cost around 4 billion with practically no repercussions on the Italian industrial sector (apart from a few known ones ..) with a vehicle that does not seem to have much room for development in 40 years' time. Furthermore, a not negligible fact given the times, it seems that to have the first means online there is an acquisition time of no less than 6/8 years!!!

Should we remember that the Macchi MC202 and the Reggiane Re.2005 arrived in theater after the war was lost?

The offer of Rheinmetall Italia for the KF41 is of a completely different thickness. In addition to proposing a new vehicle with probable high margins for improvement, it seems to be able to put the first vehicles online 2 years after the order, I repeat, given the times it is a fact not to be overlooked. Furthermore, the vehicles would be produced in Italy, i.e. jobs, transfer of know-how, maintaining a certain production and maintenance autonomy (therefore less expensive) which with the current east winds does not hurt.

Certainly the Krauts would like to acquire 49% of OTO Melara which would also mean the torpedoes of WASS. Someone says that an acquisition by Fincantieri would be better to keep naval artillery and torpedoes (real excellence) in house, but frankly I can't see Fincantieri producing MBTs. It should also be remembered that a certain Dr. Profumo has long wanted to bring OTO Melara on a silver platter to his French "friends"... leaving out other choices by Mr. Profumo, it is to be hoped that Leonardo's next CEO loves the Italian tricolor more.

Our Army would need 3/400 vehicles, in my humble opinion, it seems to me a respectable order that should give room for maneuver to those who have to negotiate and decide.

Would a Rheinmetall (40%) / Fincantieri (60%) collaboration be science fiction? At Fincantieri the naval artillery and torpedoes and Rheinmetall the land part, which to tell the truth is the least attractive. However, it could be leveraged on the fact that the operation would also be preparatory for the acquisition and production (in Italy) of the new MBT KF51, where Italy could be the launch country. Our The Army would have modern means with the same matrix which would facilitate their management and use. Political fiction?

In 1992 I was a conscript soldier, during an exercise an airdrop from the CH47 was scheduled, the launch was canceled because it seems that the helicopter was needed for the presidency of the Republic. We, backpacks and weapons on our shoulders, had to climb 30 km to reach the designated area and do our duty.

If the fact could have been "educational" to forge 20-year-old boys, it gives the measure of the atavistic shortcomings in our army and in our politics.

God save us from war, but since men are stiff-necked, in any case avoid a new El Alamein or a new Chief Matapan.

I repeat, I hope in the preparation and passion of Minister Crosetto. I hope to see our soldiers with adequate means for the situation, I hope to never again see our ships sailing without missiles and without planes on board in a seething Mediterranean, and so on.

Yours sincerely



Dear reader, I agree with you when you say that the CV90 would also be better than the Dart. He says the proverb: "in the land of the blind even one-eyed is king". But if you can open both eyes why not take advantage of it?!

Regarding what he writes about the political, military and industrial leaders he mentioned, I don't want to go into the merits.

Given the useless and costly "aggressive therapy" going on on the wagon Ram, I also consider a decision to purchase the ultra-modern KF51 unlikely Panther.

Le decision which we will see shortly regarding the new armored fighting vehicle it will however be a done, on the basis of which they will derive consequences: the final ones will pay for (or will benefit from) our military, the economic, political, industrial but above all... moral ones (!), will fall on the others.

Faced with the Ukrainian carnage, we will soon find out what value is given to the life of Italian soldiers today.

Andrea Cucco