Letter to Difesa Online: "End of the Leopardo"


Dear Editors, I am sending you a letter with some personal considerations on recent events that concern us and covered by your magazine:

Doing the math without the innkeeper is a very deep-rooted custom in our now minimalist country where history is over and geography becomes irrelevant in an ideal and dangerous world where we Italians are the centre, and so is the innkeeper, the German KNDS announced with an official press release the end of negotiations with Leonardo to formalize the partnership that was supposed to create the LEOPARD 2 A8 IT tank, the "Leopardotto" defined by your director, and its supply to the EI as well as the AICS, Armored program Infantry Combat System, again for EI.

The two companies did not reach an agreement on the so-called "Italianization of the wagon", evidently KNDS, aware of the loss of image caused by the negative Italianization of PzH 2000, it did not want to repeat Byzantinisms that were difficult for its Germanic culture. The structural problem of a defense industry that is not very transparent and of little international consideration in some key sectors such as armored vehicles expands the abyss of the operational problem for the EI which finds itself operating just over 40 old battle tanks and outdated by all points of view, deadly only for their crews in a high intensity conventional war scenario like the one in Ukraine.

The chasm expands both from a decisional and temporal point of view, How long will it take to have new and credible battle tanks? It will always be too late at this point.

But the structural problem is not only in the industrial leaders and in the grotesque leadership of the country that decrees with cheerful bravado and presumption measures that concern the involvement of key subjects external to our nation who are for no reason convinced and subject to them, the structural problem concerns above all the citizens, (or subjects) of this country towards a common sense of belonging and aspirations, in practice a historical and cultural as well as geographical problem.

I would like to explain as a good Bersaglieri officer with several operational missions in three different continents why I used the term in brackets "subjects", in the latest survey by Gallup International Association About us: gallup-international.com the global propensity in the world to fight to defend one's country is 52% with Italy is among the last with a percentage of 78% of citizens not willing to fight to defend their country, from here the term "citizens" automatically transforms into "subjects", citizens are aware and motivated, subjects are slothful and coerced.

I conclude with a question: We still have time to reverse course or the condemnation is to submit to the next master of the moment, who will certainly not be as benevolent as the USA has been, pleased in pleasing him by selling him our goods, pretending to be happy and unaware of an intellectual slavery, but probably even physical, sacrificed to a constitutionally sanctioned peace?

Thanks good work,

Filippo Tagliabue


Dear reader, I agree and appreciate the well-explained and argued considerations. I don't fully know the background to the failure of the deal. I hope, however, that the fears expressed in thearticle on the "Leopardotto" did not come true. It would be very serious!

Perhaps it is foreseeing the Italian indolence and love for chatter that the new chief of staff of the Army, General Masiello, indicated at the time of the handover as a priority theTRAINING? In subsequent public speeches, other interests were (spontaneously?) added, including "national industrial" ones...

It seems, given the criminally wasted time, that we will have to prepare for the ongoing world conflict with what little and autarky we have at our disposal.

As far as future prospects are concerned, don't be pessimistic: despite the ritual enthusiasm, voters dropped by a further 11,43% and today the absolute majority of Italian subjects NO longer go to the polls.

We can therefore hypocritically define ourselves as "Democracy" or, how the AI ​​responds, are we just a miserable "Oligarchy"? The now late Berlusconi seemed to be the only one, in his time, to worry about the phenomenon.

The global cataclysm that will inevitably overwhelm everything soon will transform - socially - the entire planet. There is therefore a enormous risk for Italy: as in France, United States ed even before England, the next "master of the moment" may no longer be a foreigner - sometimes "benevolent" - but rather unprecedented, free and independent Italian citizens. At that point, given the extraordinary courage and capabilities that have often left many countries speechless (in 163 years of "subjection"!), without limits, we will be able to surprise friends and allies, making them proud to have us or, why not, to have THEM by your side.

Andrea Cucco