Letter to the director: what is the Coast Guard doing on the high seas?


But Bastaaa !!! But who is this delegate of the Coast Guard Cocer, what weight does his opinion have (read the article), why is this, opinion, what institutional weight does it have?

He is not the Coast Guard spokesman who has a General Commander.

Or yes?

And we ordinary citizens do not know it, because behind these incomprehensible abbreviations maybe a double end hides!

But if it were the secret voice of the Commander General would be serious, indeed very serious, I think.

It is clear from in-depth facts that the Port Authorities, as they have always been called and I believe they keep calling are a body of the Navy and as such submitted to the authority of the Navy and its summit.

Perhaps I will say that they also had the additional name of Coast Guard, we Italians really like to imitate the Americans.

"A uanagana!", Said the national Albertone in the unforgettable film "An American in Rome", but this is not a film is real life and the deaths, more and more, in the Mediterranean have increased, not diminished.

But since that of delegate Cocer is an opinion, I also allow myself to express my own, insignificant, but equal to that of the delegate Cocer of the Coast Guard, which I do not think is aboard the patrol boats to save lives.

The news published is delusional in his attack or at least to me it seems so. I did not understand the tone with which it is reported that the Coast Guard, in competition with the Merchant Navy and the naval units of the "Triton" operation, even without the "Mare Nostrum" device, has already saved over 40% more shipwrecked compared to the same period last year.

Already here I would like to make a consideration referring to the attacks that the Navy suffered when Operation Mare Nostrum was underway, attacks that referred to the fact that the Navy favored the flow of migrants with its rescue. From here we see how this accusation was unfounded and perhaps instrumental, given that the statistics for the same periods, compared, show that many more migrants landed in Italy since Triton was active. But since it is the Navy and it has made a little noise to guarantee itself, perhaps I would rightly add, the European funds to support the mission that has always weighed on the operating funds assigned to the Armed Force, effectively preventing it from doing everything else. , then it is right to attack it because it has gone off the imposed route, from the status quo. What is underlined as a factor of merit, in the article, would turn out to be a negative factor to me. Of course, the writer of the article uses the word "saved" and therefore, relying on the emotional aspect, tries to escape from some questions that remain and are peremptory.

I wonder and believe if many people ask, in these periods of attention towards ISIS terrorists, who controls the identity of migrants?

In Mare Nostrum on the Navy's armed ships there were state police officers who verified the identities still at sea and doctors able to guarantee the protection of public health in case there was any need.

Now who ensures all this?

It seems to me that there are many more deaths in the Mediterranean because the patrol boats are not suitable for the high seas, as are those of the Navy. It also appears to me that 29 migrants died of hypothermia on board the same patrol boats, exhausted by the long journey of transfer on unsuitable boats.

Why on that occasion the same delegate of Cocer extinguished his loquacity?

The usual delegate of the Coast Guard Cocer wants to polemize where there is no controversy.

A few weeks ago, the crew of a Harbor Captain's patrol boat appeared threatened by the armed smugglers to take the migrants and leave the boat to the smugglers, a demonstration that the Coast Guard patrol boats and their crews are not suitable for carry out certain tasks that are instead institutionally guaranteed by ships and crews of the Navy.

The truth is that in this strange country of ours no one wants to be in his place and perform only his task. And then if it simply reflects on the addition to the name of the body, it defines the limit of its action, precisely with the term Costiera that follows that of Guardia.

For the high seas, Italy has a Navy that has demonstrated on several occasions and on several occasions to be efficient and effective, we do not need duplication and copies, especially at a time when we are attentive to spending.

Of course, the intention of the loquacious Cocer delegate to claim the status of a police force for the Coast Guard soldiers appears obvious. The truth is that many would like a Mare Nostrum 2 simply because the professionalism shown by the Navy crews in collaboration with the State Police and the military and civilian doctors have shown that this is a winning and effective model.

Honestly, the citizens are fed up with these partisan battles that aim only to gain personal benefits and incomprehensible duplication.

Perhaps it would be the case that the delegate of the Coast Guard Cocer returns to actually do his job, the one for which Italian citizens pay taxes, go back to the sea below the coast to save lives and leave unsustainable claims.

Sebastian Nicci