The spy who came from the parfait


Good morning director. I mentioned a famous comedy parody movie from the 60s1, because the feeling that the Biot case arouses is a bit like that, in my opinion.

Leo Longanesi (photo) proposed to insert the motto "Tengo Famiglia" in the center of the Italian tricolor, instead of the Savoy banner, which then the message in hindsight was always the same, after 25 July 43 (and I also know a little earlier): frankly I don't know if he was joking.

You see, dear director, it's not that they are combined abroad so much better than us: just remember the "mythical" Aldrich Ames (CIA), or the legendary minister John Profumo (UK), not to mention the German federal ministers who made photocopies all the material Born from beautiful secretaries of the Stasi and the KGB, favorite pupils of Markus Wolf.

However, here with us, you always have that feeling of seeing a Schettino escape from one moment to the next, at any institutional and military level (and let's not forget, please, the recent picaresque episodes involving the CCs).

Not even 24 hours after the capture of this "landing element" (no offense to the lagoons and marines - did I choose the wrong example?), What is the refrain, the mantra, the lowest common denominator, the data analysis, the strategic assessment of the damage to the defensive system even of the Atlantic alliance? "I keep family".

We, who in addition to Le Carrè, Clancy, Koonts, also read Flaiano, Malaparte, and why not even "Mickey Mouse", often ask ourselves if it is not necessary to say, once and for all, this ineluctable truth: that the Italy is a republic (before even an empire) based on the "Tengo Famiglia".


Andrea Sapori

1 "Spies come from cold seeds" with Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia, directed by Mario Bava (1966)