The five-star commanders


In order to lighten the overheated climate and dampen the polemical tones that have long prevailed in some military circles, I confess that I have thought to suggest to the minister Elisabetta Trenta not to repeat the error of urging the world in uniform not to "be afraid" about announced the entry into force of the decree establishing the military union. A soldier does not like to be told to fear something, even if the birth of a military union wanted by a militant figure in a movement characterized by 5 stars, one more than those that are counted on the shoulder pads of the highest degree generals. Faced with the incombere of an event of this magnitude, a military at most is surprised, or falls his arms, or worries, or s'avavola and abandons himself to the most colorful and picturesque foul language ... from here to be afraid, just no!

But just as I pondered these thoughts, the web has put under my eyes the draft of the decree in question. I list the main areas of relevance: individual and collective protection of the military, mandatory work (including training?), Working time, service shifts, licenses, expectations, permits, training-qualification-mobility of staff, assignment of tasks, restructuring and reorganization of bodies and departments, divestment of infrastructures, etc. The trade union organizations can also directly intervene with the top military bodies, with the parliamentary commissions and with the same minister; finally they can, unlike any commander, deal directly with the press organs. It goes without saying that union activity is considered a service activity and that a trade union delegate can not be transferred from headquarters if not at his request ... this is always unlike any commander who, willy-nilly, can be thrown to keep me company Nuorese maybe only for having criticized the trade union regulations.

At this point I came back on my feet and I decided to propose to Minister Elisabetta Trenta not one but two suggestions. First: why not demilitarize the armed forces as already done with the flight controllers? After all, with the announced inclusion in the armed forces of 3000 new figures of civil "specialists" we are already on track. Second suggestion: why not complete the decree in question by adding an article that provides for the gradual abolition of the figure of the Commander? What are you doing? To laze and steal a salary? It is a figure that made sense in times gone by (a kind of nostalgic-old-militaristic expression) when a commander felt obliged to feel the pulse and know the thought of both the newly arrived and the "grandfather" next to the leave, or even of the dean of the non-commissioned officers, or of the chief cap or of the eldest of his officers.

I conclude by asking myself what the union reactions are expected when the various instances are disregarded and admitting to try, as has rarely happened in my life, a little 'fear.

I wish good luck to our Armed Forces, although I believe that at this point they need so much because, already drowned by an indecorous budget for a strategically important nation in the Mediterranean and in the European and African theaters, I fear they can receive the coup de grace from this "epochal" decree establishing the military union: a provision that I believe (forgive me the youthful language of the castrens) an assault, because to protect and pay as it should a soldier should be enough a minister to 5 stars.

I consider myself a lucky military to have been part of the Italian Armed Forces in times that are always difficult but exciting. And always Forza Paris, guys! Never be afraid!

General Nicolò Manca

(former commander of the Sassari Brigade)

Photo: US Air Force