Snow emergency: The Army abroad in just two days manages to re-establish traffic. In Italy, why is not it possible?

(To Femaz)

The images that arrive today of the avalanche that hit the Rigopiano Hotel and of the first aid, a handful of mountain rescue men who marched all night, prompt us to make some considerations.

In Italy, a country of the G7, is it helped on foot? It really seems to me an unacceptable solution if I think of the work our military do abroad. They build bridges, airports, roads, schools and everything else in a very short time. In Italy, on our territory, everything is complicated.

The armed forces in Italy, can intervene in the competition, only and only at the request of the Prefecture concerned; this, so that the state of emergency is ratified and above all because indications on financial resources are established.

While waiting for the document of the Prefecture, the Civil Protection intervenes immediately, with the volunteers and the first aid units. Fantastic people but often not equipped for serious emergencies like the one in progress. The Civil Protection, therefore, is forced to hire the necessary vehicles from private companies. In the meantime, our soldiers, many, trained and with the means already in possession, the right ones, are ready but await the request that most of the time comes just when there are the dead, or when it is too late.

In the emergency, the bureaucracy "must be set aside", one just intervenes, always coordinated by the Civil Protection, but "must" intervene, without ifs and buts. The problems related to financial resources are resolved later.

Abroad are we very good and less in Italy? It seems to me a contradiction too obvious to be neglected.

Our politicians and especially the rulers must open their eyes and not just wait for the ruling of the Consulta on the electoral law, but immediately activate more streamlined rules and procedures. The Italians certainly deserve more.

(photo: Italian Army)