From NO-VAX to NO-MORAL the step is short


The no-vax / no- juxtapositionmoral, in the meaning attributed by the Anglo-Saxon military to "moral" which is synonymous with "Esprit de corps" or "Unit cohesion", arises precisely from the fact that for our allies "moral”Is equivalent to the Italian“ spirit of the body ”.

As is well known, the military world is immersed up to its neck in the problems connected with covid 19, so much so that Italians have become addicted to images where the soldier's uniform inevitably appears next to the coat of the omnipresent virologist flanked by the politician on duty. It is therefore not surprising that even in the celebratory ceremony held on 2 August in the military shrine of Monte Grappa, the official commemoration slipped into the anti-covid campaign with references to "60% of people to be vaccinated who have completed the vaccination cycle".

It is understandable that some Sardinian shepherd buried up there a century ago along with other 23.000 Italian and Austro-Hungarian fallen were startled by those references to vaccines and herd immunity, but it is possible that some of the soldiers present at the ceremony also went with the mind to the vaccine-yes / vaccine-no dilemma.

In fact, in the military environment there are those who agree to be vaccinated and those who, on the other hand, even if with the experience of not a few vaccines made according to the missions outside the area, are against it; different choices that create, as in the wider social context, a contrast.

For some time in the "bourgeois" world, this opposition, due not only to health reasons but also to economic interests, ends up leading to cloying political diatribes centered on the risk / benefit ratio of experimental vaccines in circulation, of which the opposing factions emphasize the pros and censor the cons or vice versa.

In the military world, however, the opposition risks undermining the spirit of the body, that is, that subtle bond that unites all the members of a unit or a body or the entire armed force. The phenomenon follows the Divide and conquer already implemented by the political class in the wider social context in order to achieve not always noble ends.

The first reason for opposition may arise from the feared possibility of contagion (it is inevitable to go with the thought of the “hunt for the greaser” of Manzoni's memory), an eventuality that however seems to travel from the so-called no-vax towards the vaccinated or in the opposite direction.

Another reason for attack / blackmail against no-vax is the proposal to make the costs of any necessary therapies weigh on them in the event that they contract the covid. The principle brought up can be summarized in the formula: "you wanted it, too bad for you (in sermo castrensis, screw you). "

In reality, this original approach appears acceptable only on condition that it is extended to all circumstances in which the individual, military or otherwise, consciously makes choices that may cause damage to himself and to others. The field of application should therefore be extended from NO-VAX to NO-SMOKE (if you smoke and your smoke can cause lung cancer for you and those close to you, the consequent therapies must be at your expense), to NO-DRUG ( if you take drugs and become a drug addict ...) and NO-ALCOHOL (if you overindulge in drinking and become an alcoholic ...) and even a hypothetical NO-SEX, applicable to Latin lover unrepentant who, in accordance with the Casanovian principle "every left is lost", is an advocate of having sex with whoever happens to happen, snubbing the most elementary precautions to avoid contracting and spreading AIDS and similar diseases. Finally, a NO-SPEED dedicated to decerebrated people who consciously go wild on the public road in formula 1 races could also be considered (why not?), Putting their own and others' safety at risk.

This is the common thread that can lead to that NO-MORAL which risks damaging the body spirit of a department. But even apart from these considerations, the writer is convinced that in the current situation it would be appropriate for the armed forces to pass the vaccination campaign to that million and pass full-time operators (rightly mentioned also on the occasion of the ceremony on Grappa ) of the Civil Protection, the CRI, the galaxy of voluntary work and above all the healthcare world, with the exception of course for those doctors who do not agree to vaccinate or vaccinate their patients, as they are in favor of other therapeutic protocols as well as critical of the mandatory nature of experimental vaccines and of modest or at least controversial efficacy; vaccination obligation which they consider incompatible with the assumption by the vaccinated alone of any responsibility in terms of side effects. This category of doctors seems condemned, together with teachers (and perhaps even the military) against the vaccine, to be deprived of their salary and therefore destined to swell the robust ranks of entitled or abusive recipients of citizenship income.

Another reason that could suggest to the leaders of the armed forces to pass the deliveries to the public health professionals is that the dramatic emergency phase of the pandemic has long since passed and the memory of the trucks carrying coffins due to the large number of deaths is far. The 20-30 daily deaths currently attributed to covid 19 are in fact related to both the 6-700 daily deaths due to other causes and the massacre of the beginning of the pandemic, a massacre attributed by authoritative voices to the infamous "tachipirina and watchful waiting" protocol, abandoned which the death curve dropped dramatically.

In conclusion, it could be a good thing that the soldier resumed being above all the soldier, while guaranteeing his obvious availability for every emergency, from earthquakes to floods, passing from fires to get to the containment of illegal immigration which moreover, and here it closes the circle affects both the spread of covid 19 and the stability of the shaky national economy.

Nicolò Manca