Caporetto, the winter solstice of the homeland


Also this year the ritual of the Christmas festivities is about to take place, between gifts and good wishes, the Christian world and not only come together under the tree or near the Celestial hut to fulfill a collective rituality that in turn sinks its being into ancestral rites related to the death and rebirth of the sun. Ritual is the commemoration of Christmas, as a ritual is the commemoration of historical events that involve nations deeply affecting the spirit of community.

Speaking of collective memory, the 2017 will bring back to light all the Italian memories connected with Caporetto's centenary, although this event left an indelible mark on national history, it is considered inadequate to speak of celebration, if only because history has given posterity a sign of infamy for the facts that happened between the 24 and the 30 October of the 1917.

It has been written that in Italy the homeland died on 8 September 1943, it is not unusual to believe that the real funeral was celebrated 26 years earlier in the strategic retreat between the Isonzo and the Piave. Such lapidary certainty because Caporetto was not just a military defeat, it did not represent only the backward step of an army engaged in a war of conquest, but it marked the laying bare of the genetic imprint of the Italians, children of the unfinished Risorgimento, revealing forever in the flesh of each one the distinctive and ethnogenetic characteristics obtained from the combination of resignation and indolence, cowardice and courage, speed in concealing and rough simulation. Yes, because the homeland was not united in the trenches that proceeded uninterrupted from the Adamello to the Carso, the new Italians did not learn to understand each other when it was decided to pile them up by the tens of thousands between Veneto and Friuli, the Italic people "made themselves" in Caporetto, when each exhibited what flowed within his own good, a mixed blood, made up of individualism and renunciations, daring impulses and cowardly positions, always ready to seek in the other the causes of his own littleness.

2017 will bring back so much history after a hundred years and it is important that this winter solstice of the nation is examined from the inside, in Caporetto, the Italian star touches the lowest point of its parabola and it is in that thud that must be sought the answer to the endemic evils of a fickle and inconstant people, difficult to govern, impossible to make an organic community.

Obviously the analysis cannot be limited to a mere acknowledgment, but needs a re-elaboration, so that a solution to the evil can be found, after all, after the Caporetto there was the Piave, although it was a corollary and not a general principle.

The defeat, the upheaval, the posthumous inquiry commissions, the purges and the transversal vendettas, perpetrated well beyond the 1917, were the violent manifestation of a heterogeneity that the Great War should have eradicated, but which in reality did nothing but reveal.

In the Piave it was the reaction of antibodies to a chronic disease that the body of Italy manifested overwhelmingly in the valleys of the current Kobarid, therefore in this centenary a collective examination of conscience should be made that leads us to consolidate rituals capable of definitively metabolizing the internal conflicts of the past, aware of the fact that Italy is a homeland capable of great impulses, but profoundly and endemically immature.

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas and that this 2017 can offer us, at a distance of 100 years, the chance to face the reality of our history certainly written with the pen of Caporetto.

signed: L'homme qui goes

(Photo: Online Defense)